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  3. Are these still available?
  4. How many of the previous owners are on here? Pretty sure I'm the 10th owner. 😋 Haha.
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  6. Stick price up please Don. It gives us an idea what kind of cash you are talking about and It will help those who might be serious about buying.
  7. Thinking about these for the V70 anyone know the tyre size?
  8. Just a bump......
  9. For Sale 48 inch Samsung smart TV UE48HU7500 with conventional and smart remote 4.5 years guarantee remaining. £400 collection only.
  10. My battery is showing low is it ok to take the battery off to charge it ? Sent from my Harrier Tab from EE using Tapatalk
  11. It would at 10,000RPM.
  12. Damnnn. My 2nd gear doesn't come anywhere near 100mph,lol.
  13. Intake plumbing is all set pretty much. I just need to get some rubber gromments for the lines that connect into the intake tube. Soooo close to being done, wont be sleeping to much tonight knowing she'll be running most likely tomorrow!!!!!
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  16. just had a look in the service book and found that out lol
  17. yes m8 but I am tempted to take it out n check it again tomorrow tingy but I know the vvt pulley is very noisy so I might just get the lot changed. the water pump and timing belt was originally changed at 72227 at riverside motors at doncaster on 03.10.11
  18. Is the new thermostat definitely working?
  19. thank you again tim for the advice gonna order the bits as soon as I can and I'm gonna do the vvt pulley at the same time as that's making a noise aswell.
  20. I really need to get back on this car. A friend of a friend has an Audi A3 1.8T. Looks like a 2007 MY or something. He's cool and all but I get annoyed by his bragging, always talking about how fast his tuned Audi is. He tried to walk me a couple of months ago but the T4 kept up just fine shifting at 4K. But apparently it's been modified further so it should be faster now. I'm skeptical tho.
  21. Just so ya'll know, I haven't given up. The car has been parked since December 31 for the reasons stated haha I'm not the kind to come into a forum, ask a bunch of questions and leave forever. It's been a hard month (economically speaking). I bought a welding machine for the business and also to learn welding as a hobby, so no money left.
  22. Thanks man. The car is just as it was on this pics. Haven't driven it since December 31. Emissions sticker expired. I need new license plates on order to avoid paying the fines for not doing emissions test and because PO left some nice speeding tickets All I've done was a compression test and drove it on my private street to let the engine work a bit. CT came with very low readings, but we have a theory that it might have something to do with living at 2,500 m over sea level haha
  23. A genuine pump has a pressed steel impeller so it shouldn't cause a problem, some cheap pumps have a plastic or cast iron impeller. These are prone to cracking and slipping causing the same symptoms you have.
  24. Hi Stuart, Out in the sticks this weekend, but dropped you a text (which should send when there's some kind of signal). Cheers Scott
  25. thanx for the advice tim I tried how you said water in the header tank hot top of the thermostate house hot but top and bottom hose barely warm almost like the coolant is not circulating. it had a new thermostate put in Thursday afternoon. could it be the water pump at fault as it had a new water pump fitted around 96000 which was mid 2015 and has only 104500 miles on the clock now??
  26. there is no water getting into the oil at all so I take it that's a good sign. thanx tim ill give that a try now
  27. Got to thin the fleet out again so the Volvo is up for sale. Here are the key points. 165k miles 9 months MOT BSR tuned. Goes very well. Box fine, no crunches etc, clutch doesn't slip, engine purrs and is mechanically sound. It won't let you down. Lots and lots of history, both Keys present , cambbelt, water pump etc all been done. Interior is in very good condition. No rips etc and everything works. Has fancy wheels, roof bars, spoiler and tow bar (never been used) In my ownership it has had Aux belt, tensioner and pulleys done along with new Intercooler and a full service. No rust on the car anywhere. Bad Points There is a small dent on the rear door (body shop quoted £40 to have pulled). There is an occasional rumble/knocking when driving along. It doesn't affect handling etc but you can definitely hear something. I asked my tester to investigate at the time of MOT and he was convinced it was the rear ARB drop links and passenger side ball joint (both of which were changed) but the noise remained after. I'm at a loss to what it could be and honestly haven't a clue. It could be as simple as an exhaust rubber that's gone and is knocking. The drivers side wing mirror casing is missing due to a crazy pensioner deciding he'd had enough of driving on his side of the road. The glass is still intact but the cowling is missing. The fuel gauge only reads up to half way. It is accurate below this but it won't read over it. It's been a great work horse and is very reliable and economic but can also be great fun and achieve 140MPH if you desire. Asking price is £600 and the car is based in Walsall in the West Midlands. Any questions please feel free to DM me.
  28. With 1.5mm more lift on the cams you would of been able to do 60-100 in 2nd lol.
  29. Assuming the fan works and the head gasket hasn't failed holding the header tank so that the two hoses are in water squeezing all of the top rad hose will help. Failing that running the engine at 2000RPM with both hoses submerged.
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