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  3. Booked time off work. Just a car to finish now! NEED A DOWN-PIPE URGENTLY!!!!! Paul
  4. Burning engine oil is usually down to something worn in or on the engine, you might want a little bit better diagnosis though before replacing any parts to try and cure it.
  5. The guys at the garage had a quick look and its just the coolant making the expansion tank dark colour (its blue btw) , they also thought the oil burning might jus be signs of summit worn in the engine like valve stems ? or summit similar i cant remember, but when they saw 220k on the milage it didnt phase them just put it down to age/milage of car. Its had a bit of vandal damage at the weekend and just being sorted now so we see what happens next couple weeks!
  6. Hi im looking for some v70/s60R bosch green injectors does anyone have any for sale?
  7. Oooooh harsh! but fair. Welcome to jump in my car for some pax laps anytime Chris if you want to.
  8. You cannot get the release bearing from Volvo any more and the RMS will leak if not fitted with the Volvo tool. I have a good stock of the bigger spline discs but a limited stock of the smaller ones.
  9. Hey guys. I got the motor in with some very light clearances, literally rubbing both sides on the way in,lol. Here's a link on the install. Fabrication process - Turbo needs reclocking as the oil drain plug is way off alignment and the compressor housing as well.
  10. Last week
  11. Have use a K&N on my S60 T5 (modified) for over 100K miles and still on the same MAF.
  12. Thanks guys, I'll try and keep everyone updated. And to clear the air regarding profiteering, like I said, it was only intended to be a personal project, it was the demand that provoked these possibly going on sale to public, albeit, atm, or in very limited numbers. To give some idea of what I'm about, and the way I think, feel free to look through my post history for the thread I started on the 4C mod. It was a while back, but you guys might remember me making my own 4C controller, which btw, stills works perfectly. My current project might also give you an insight into the way I work, I'll try and post a few pics in a moment. *Edit* I can't uploads pics on my phone as they're too large! Long story short, I'm currently building a RWD S60 using a (to be) turbocharged 3litre BMW straight 6
  13. do you have a few of these Tim ? i need a release bearing a rms as well then my manual conversion kit is complete.
  14. Always good to see new things being made to give us more options as above keep us updated
  15. Keep us updated mate. If you've cracked fitting P2R calipers to a P1, then well done to you and all involved! I'm sure as hell there would be a lot of demand for it. It seems like such a simple solution to the "brackets being to thin and weak" issue, I'm just dead surprised that no-one has cracked this already! I think that it has been 10+ years that everyone on the scene has had the "it cant be done" argument rammed down their throat, that most people are going to be naturally sceptical about it! But like I say, if you have cracked it then bloody well done
  16. I'd just like to chime in and say, I am one of the people who have designed this caliper adapter. Firstly, I'm not gonna bother with anything to do with the argument on the other forum! I'm not interested in arguments. Secondly, the steering limiter issue. Yes, it is an issue, and I do plan to have a further look into it. These brackets haven't been released yet, and are still undergoing development. I have considered implementing a limiter into the bracket itself, but I feel that this isn't really a fantastic solution. One of these reasons is because of hugely increased complexity in terms of manufacturing, which in turn would make the cost prohibitive to nearly everyone. A possible solution at the moment is to have slip on limiters that go on the rack itself, just like you would find behind the inner tie rod end on a P2R. Lastly, in terms of trading, these brackets were never intended to be a product for the public, they were designed for a personal vehicle. The reason potential sales have come about is due entirely from demand from Volvo owners. Lastly, I don't really frequent this forum very often, more like once in a blue moon, so if I don't respond, that's the reason! Obviously I'll try to respond if I do get the chance.
  17. I will probably have to duck out this year as I don't get back from holiday until 28th June, unless I can get the car all sorted before I go. But with all the other shite going on in my life right now that's going to be a tall order this year. We'll see. Even if I don't drive I might make it down to spectate and grab a few pax laps.
  18. NO. Only use the correct original Bosch.
  19. cheers, i will try and take a look at the mounts and vacuum pipes today.
  20. It sounds like you have an air leak on an engine mount.
  21. Welcome along. I like those in Silver. As long as the mechanical's are good its sounds like stuff that can be sorted with a some time and hopefully not silly costs, These cars, even with high miles are strong and still go exceptionally well in this day and age. Also a set of OEM wheels or Pegasus wheels will finish it off nicely.
  22. Welcome and tje C30 D5 is a nice rounded choice of car. I remember my test drive of one, I'd also add that you should ensure you have good quality tyres and not any economy brands.
  23. the noise is clear in the video , you have to listen for a few secs till you hear it , just after 10 secs you can here the note of the engine change it's almost like something is putting a load on the engine, ive tried with the aux belt removed and noise is the same, no hose leaks that i know of the intercooler is on it's last legs, top engine mount is new. i
  24. Thank you! Guess I like a challenge I will focus on getting the drivetrain parts checked and up to speed - a stage zero sounds like a great idea. I will give the cabin a clean and see how it goes, but when I get to the looks part of this project, I think I will take your suggestion of a headlining replacement.
  25. Also, is there a hose leak as its sounding even more tractor like?
  26. I can't tell from the clip which noise it is that you are referring to. Hopefully someone will know and post up. Have you checked the top engine mount? How are the Idler pulleys?
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