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  2. Sorry - £600 ovno Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  3. Coilovers less than 2 years old in excellent condition £450 ovno Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  4. Full set of R brakes with good discs and pads. Calipers in very good condition. To fit S60 / V70 Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  5. Sheesh that looks good makes me miss mine 😢 (Although mine was never that clean)
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  7. 100-160km/h 5s :-)
  8. I’m very grateful to Tony McMillan for very kindly opening up his business for all of us to attend an open day at his premises the day after our track day. Kings are a well established Volvo Independent Specialist garage with technicians (including Volvo Master Techs) who have experience with both early and later Volvo cars. Tony has invited us from 9.30am – 12.30pm and is happy to have worked booked in for the day, or for anyone to turn up on the day if you have any concerns about your car. He will be offering preferential labour rates on the day for all work carried out – Kings are fully equipped with the latest version of ViDA so can undertake all work, including software updates. Tony can be contacted on should you wish to book your car in or discuss anything relating to your car with him. Once we wrap up at Kings, the plan is to head over to The Royal Oak Pub in Hawkeridge, which is only a few minutes drive away – some will remember this as the pub we had lunch in last year. If you have any specific questions about the open day, please don’t hesitate to post up and I’ll do my best to answer them.
  9. Did find this on you tube though......think it may help....I felt marginally less confused after watching it
  10. I did broach the subject - briefly - as he was lifting the Cam Cover off the wife's C70 T5 to resolve an oil leak for the second time in as many months. He said something. Intelligent. About physics. Reference was made to pressure & heat. I'm not going to lie, I nodded, made a few comments that I hope didn't sound to ignorant & silently promised myself I'd dig out my old physics textbooks once I got home. I didn't press him for clarification on any key points due to it being a bank holiday Saturday - I knew he had better places to be - so let him get on with fixing the car than answering my poorly phrased theoretical queries on actuators, tcv's & boost pressures. He'll not get away so lightly at coombe.
  11. Still have this for sale after buying it years ago and never fitting it. £25 plus postage.
  12. Despite the weather being poor and cloudy the car is shimmering well in the flesh with the collinite 845. Very easy to work with and buff off. Old grille when car was bought Egg Crate Grille fitted and routine wash topped off with collinite 845 (have to admit now I look at it, it does suit the dark colour better)
  13. Wo wo wo dont go bring recirc valves into this im having enough trouble with the actuator to bring another bloomin valve into the equation ive no idea if it works the way youve suggested tbh and im on nights atm so getting my brain into gear enough to try and work it out is a bit of a non-starter lol i saw Tim the other day but didnt feel it appropriate to start discussing the finer details of actuator operation whilst he was inside my front wheel arch covered in CV grease having a physical arguement with my driveshaft all in 26deg heat as ive found hes not very good at multi-tasking
  14. I'm after a well looked after P2 T5 for weekend playtime, so definitely not a commuter. (I just sold that a P3 2.0d R-design) that was a workhorse but never let me down, preferably leather and all the toys (not essential) Must be Manual, Preferably 06> (better lights)
  15. I can't remember (try to forget) the costs of this kind of thing so cant say how much the ARB's were but I got them direct from FRF in Swansea. See the members discount section and give them a ring and see what they can do for you. FWIW, the P2's have a bonded bush on the bar, there may or may not be an aftermarket option. Just go canny with polybushing diseasels though as you may end up with a horrendous ride instead of an improved one. Polybusing the top mounts seems to be a bad idea on the D5. Have fun.
  16. I have booked Thursday and Friday Nights, Not sure on Plans for Saturday as back to work early Sunday.
  17. Having reread my above post in the cold light of day - I suspect I was talking bollocks. Partially. Probably. Comments on a post card - think I mentioned it had been a long day in the sun .... I'm seeing Tim later I'll plumb the depths of his mind for an answer to the meaning of boost.
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  19. Might be being a bit dense..... but doesn't the recirculating valve have an impact on boost levels on part throttle? Pushes the charges air back into the intake manifold, reducing back pressure on the compressor side, which in turn feeds back to the TCV, so on boost levels under the wastage spring opening pressure the boost should be linear with throttle opening? It's been a long day in the please excuse me if I've gone off at a tangent.....think what I'm saying is that due to the recerc, with low boost pressures ( under the wg spring rating) i.e. Part open throttle, the engine is a bit like a NA. At WOT with a big spring the pressure will just build until the spring pops the gate open, with the TCV adding a few extra tenths of bar potentially. .......just reread the above & still can't decide if it makes any sense....turbos = witchcraft. Simples. Edit: shame on you Aidan for posting such a mentally taxing conundrum on a bank holiday Friday evening. I'm now going to have to open another bottle of wine & get on Wikipedia to fathom out the inner workings of forced air induction or I'll never get to sleep....and I need to sleep....and I'm too thick to fathom out this stuff anyhow. Where's Tim to scathingly put it into layman terms when you need him!?
  20. Drivers 1. Signing in for the event starts at 0745hrs at the Strawford Centre, please then get your car noise tested (you will be given a noise test form when you sign in). Please take note of the very strict noise regulations at Combe (100dB @ 4500rpm) - if you turn up and fail the noise test, you will not be allowed out on the circuit until you can dampen it down sufficiently. Raffle tickets will be on sale to all participants when signing in and you can also obtain your lunch voucher at the same time. 2. 

The drivers briefing will commence at 0830hrs sharp. Latecomers may be admitted at the discretion of the Castle Combe staff carrying out the briefing. It is mandatory that all participants attend the briefing as you will not be allowed out on the circuit if you haven’t.

 3. The track opens at 0900hrs and participants will go out in groups behind a pace car, for a fixed number of laps (to be advised at the briefing) at relatively slow speeds in order to learn the circuit and also study the circuit conditions. This is especially important if the circuit is wet. We hope to complete these pace car laps by 0930 afterwhich we intend to go to full open pitlane.

 4. You MUST wear a helmet (before going out on the circuit) and have your arms, legs and feet covered, so no short-sleeved T-shirts, shorts or slippers. You WILL NOT be allowed out unless you comply with this. You also must ensure that your helmet chin-straps are done up before proceeding out on the circuit. Please make sure that towing eyes on the car are fitted and visible - the trackside recovery guys will recover your car by any means they deem fit if it does not have a suitable towing eye.

 5. A fixed number of cars will be allowed out on the circuit at any one time. The rest wishing to get out on the circuit need to queue at the Avon Bridge. For every car which returns to the paddock, a car will be released into the pitlane to join the circuit. When joining the circuit, please remember to keep to the left of the “blend line” before getting on to the racing line (just as in F1). This is especially important at Combe because the pit exit to the circuit also happens to be pretty much just off the racing line through one of the fastests corners of the circuit. Anyone who disobeys this is likely to be black-flagged by the marshals and that’s the end of your day. 6. 

It’s advisable to keep stints out on the circuit to around 10mins as it will be tiring for both car and drivers, and there is plenty of time for everyone to enjoy themselves on the day. It is also advisable to do one “cooling down” lap before returning to the paddock but please be extra aware of those who are still doing “hot” laps and don’t get in their way. 7. If you break down whilst out on the circuit, please slow down and pull off the circuit as quickly as possible and as close to a marshal's post as possible. Please keep your helmet on and exit the vehicle and get across the safety barrier and wait for assistance. Under no circumstance is anyone to attempt to conduct any repairs to their car whilst it is parked anywhere on the circuit. 8. There is no dedicated lunch break but there will be a pizza van on site. In exchange for a lunch voucher, you will get a pizza, plus a soft drink can (Coke or Diet Coke). Drivers and passengers can also get free tea and coffee at the pizza van - please show your wrist band to get those. 9. The circuit closes at 1600hrs. Passengers 1. Anyone over the age of 16yrs can attend the event and sign up to be a passenger for a minimum £20 donation towards the charity fund raising. 2. You do not need to attend the drivers briefing if you sign up as a passenger and you can sign up throughout the day at the reception desk in the Strawford Centre. 3. Once you have signed up, you can have as many passenger rides as you like, and for as long as you like in any of the cars heading out on the circuit as long as the drivers are happy to take you out. 4. As a passenger, you are still required to wear a helmet and have your arms, legs and feet covered, so no short-sleeved T-shirts, shorts or slippers. You WILL NOT be allowed out unless you comply with this. 5. Only 1 driver and 1 passenger, per car, will be allowed out on the circuit at any one time. Cameras No hand-held cameras will be allowed – anyone caught using them will be excluded from the event immediately (both driver and passenger, so its ultimately the driver’s responsibility) All cameras (including screen mounted suction ones) should have a tether so that there is no risk of them falling into the drivers footwell, or flying out of the car should they come off. Cameras can only be mounted inside the car.


This is the single most important thing for all participants to take note of; overtaking is only to take place if all 3 of the following requirements are fulfilled: 1. On the right 2. On the straights 3. With the co-operation and consent of the driver being overtaken The pit-lane entrance at Combe is on the left which is why overtaking must only take place on the right. A "straight" for overtaking must be sufficiently long to carry out the manoeuvre safely before reaching the braking point for the next bend. I don't want to be overly prescriptive about this but please be sensible as there are plenty of overtaking opportunities on the circuit. The instant a driver in front starts braking in preparation for a corner, that is their corner, there is to be no "sneaking" through on the inside or trying to "outbrake" others in the braking zones. The driver you are about to overtake MUST indicate that he / she is aware that you intend to overtake by indicating to the left, pulling over to the left of the circuit and lifting off the the throttle until they have been passed. Drivers who are being overtaken are asked to please comply with the last point of lifting off the throttle as it makes the execution of the overtake much quicker and safer. There are going to be cars in a mixed state of tune and some will be much quicker (even with less power) than others. The definition of a quicker car is one which takes less time to do a full lap of the circuit than you - hence, as a general rule of thumb, if your rear view mirror was clear for a few corners and all of a sudden a car appears in it, they ARE quicker than you so please let them past. If in any doubt, please do not attempt an overtake and wait until the 3 conditions stipulated above are met. These overtaking rules are non-negotiable. If followed strictly, they will make car-car contact virtually impossible, and the entire event safe for everyone, so anyone who does not comply will have their day cut short and be asked to leave the circuit. If anyone feels that someone else is driving in an obstructive / uncooperative or dangerous manner, please immediately pull into the paddock / pit lane and let one of the marshals or me know and we will deal with it. Timing There is strictly to be no timing whatsoever, be that with data loggers, stopwatches or computer / mobile phone based software. Anyone caught timing themselves will be immediately excluded from the event because it becomes classed as a "competitive" event and invalidates the public liability insurance for everyone participating. There is also to be no "testing", e.g. evaluating software calibration changes etc. out on the circuit for any reason.
  21. Official Photographer Fresh Orange Photography will once again be in attendance and will be taking photos both in the paddock and of cars out on track. We are planning to have a group photo taken in the pitlane, straight after the drivers briefing (weather permitting) and they will spend the first hour taking photos of participants around the paddock - please do ask for any specific group photos (with cars and other participants) which you would like. Photos from the day will be on sale at the Strawford Centre. All photos will be uploaded, unedited, to their website for anyone to view and / or buy. 10% of the proceeds from all photograph sales of the event will be donated towards the Wiltshire Air Ambulance Charity.
  22. Catering The Tavern Clubhouse will be closed again this year and we will have limited onsite catering from "Pizzamonkey" Bristol. They will be selling bacon rolls from 9am-11am and then serving pizzas from 11am onwards. During signing in, all drivers will be given a lunch voucher. A lunch voucher will entitle the bearer to one pizza of your choice and a soft drink. Drivers can also have free tea and / or coffee at the pizza van by showing your wrist band. Passengers and other participants / spectators can also get a lunch voucher for a pizza and free coffee / tea from either Simon Chiu or myself, for a £10 donation towards the Air Ambulance Charity. For everyone else, cups of coffee / tea, and cans of soft drinks can be obtained from the pizza van for a 50p donation, per serving, towards the nominated Charity. The following pizza topping combinations will be available on Friday: Margherita with fresh buffalo mozzarella, basil and olive oil (v) Seasoned chicken, spicy chorizo & fresh chillies Smoked prosciutto ham, artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, portobello mushroom, garlic oil Spicy Pepperoni, peppered beef pastrami, spicy chorizo, red onion, chilli oil
  23. I replaced mine with a pair from Ebay. It's relatively easy too. Clean the CV joint end up and tap the new ones in place. I sued a hammer and chisel to remove the old ones.
  24. Thanks for the reply. I've got the new flywheel already so it'll be done at the same time along with the csc, and many other screws and seals. Arb is a good shout, but I suspect that sourcing one of those won't be the easiest nor cheapest. However, maybe the standard arb bushes could be replaced at the same time with some poly ones? Or is that barely worth the bother with the standard arb?
  25. I checked the wring from the module plug to sensor plug and the multimeter beeped to say there was no break. I've had a new working module. I installed it and was able to clear the 311 code (which I couldn't do before) It's now saying "111" BUT lo and behold, I still have no ABS and the ABS light and Tracs lights are on. I've cleaned and tested the sensors, replaced the reluctor rings, tested the sensor wiring and replaced the module. Someone suggested the ignition switch but wiggling the key makes no difference. I was thinking of cleaning the rear sensors and reluctors? But then again, if they were the problem, it would show a rear sensor/circuit faukt code? It's doing my head in.
  26. Get them to check play in the DMF, it might the fine but that would be the time to do it. The lower tie bar is a piece of piss and is a DIY job so you could do that yourself. Top mount too while you are at it? The subframe inserts are a fantastic improvement, definitely do it! I put R ARB's on my D5 and that was a good improvement too.
  27. Thats a good point i did run the same actuator on the C70 that may well explain it if the pressures we run arnt enough to force the wastegate open on a standard actuator and running these turbos above 1.5bar is not condusive to its health why does the forge actuator exist and why are there at least 2 running red springs? i just mean when i accelerate in 6th (im using 6th as my example as its the only gear i really accelerate in from low revs) just enough that the turbo is required generally it will indicate a solid stable .5bar on my gauge or if i want to speed up at a reasonable rate then i generally get an indicated 1bar again solid and stable but then again the throttle isnt moving either so is it just muscle memory that im hitting the same peddle position and so by default the same boost or is there something else in play?
  28. No I don't get overshoot running the standard actuator, if I bang my foot down it will go straight to the desired boost every time, maybe a bit less in 1st and 2nd gear. Did you run the forge actuator on the C70 too? I'm not sure what you mean about the 0.5bar and 1bar part throttle bits? Do you mean it's consistent or it's hard to maintain 1 bar? BTW, when I say 2% the scale for throttle only goes 0-70% so more like 5% difference can have a huge fluctuation.
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