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  2. Started up the car for the first time today and she ran!! Stupid me forgot to tighten the oil feed line on the engine block and made a huge mess,lol. Other than that I have two leaky fuel injectors and still need to extend the o2 sensors wires and replace the timing belt again. There is a small tear and must have gotten hit during install.
  3. Ashok, I'm sorry - due to circumstances outwith my control I cannot attend. PM sent. Iain
  4. Interesting development in a similar area to Volvo's gauging its customers by putting up pincode barriers to prevent owners from getting work done outside the dealer network or those independents held to ransom in having to pay the extortionate fees for access to the mainframe..... or performance modifications for that matter. it is contained information concerning this which has then prompted this from John Deere.... PS maybe the chinese gangster fraternity have bought an interest in John Deere, through nominees in the BVI naturally.
  5. Cheers Aidan
  6. I have one not 100% on condition, royal steering wheels will recover it for not a lot if it needs it though will get some pics n stuff tomorrow
  7. As above, good condition+, please.cheers
  8. Last week
  9. I'd just leave the exhaust for now and work on the brakes and handling then.
  10. I know the last two owners (over 4yrs) - the first did full servicing (and fitted exhaust) the 2nd did servicing and refreshing things like hoses, ignition components etc (KMB on vpcuk) and got a remapped ecu and injectors. I don't want more power as my focus will be brakes and handling (I'm in the process of rebushing it). But I don't want to be strangling it with a restrictive exhaust. If I wanted 2.75" is that a custom jobby?? Thanks Tim - much appreciated!
  11. Sounds interesting, pics aren't showing??
  12. I have 316mm rotors. Do you know if I can use 320mm rotors with the current calipers? I can simply upgrade the rotors and put some carbotech pads on....
  13. I would of thought you'd want about 1.5mm more lift and head work as you'll most likely be reving it to over 9k.
  14. I'd be tempted to fit a 2.75 or 3 inch if over 320BHP is desired. It's also worth look at other work that was done whilst in the same ownership as the exhaust was done.
  15. Dont know about with spacers Tbh ive just switched to the 320 plod set up and on a P2 its easily as good as my AP set up on the 850 for road usage the 336 setup above should be better too if you are looking for a track setup then im afraid you are more then likely going to need to ditch the orestes (my fav P2 wheel also so i get wanting to keep them)
  16. Thanks. Even with spacers? Basically, it's the last stuff that needs to be done on my car so that I consider it done, but I would like to keep the 17" Orestes.
  17. Im 90% sure thats a no the brembos are a ridiculously wide caliper
  18. Thanks again for the response Tim, I'll conclude that I might as well budget firstly for a new a clutch kit and DMF anyway - I'll see where that leaves me in regards to budgeting for a remap...
  19. Does the R Brembo calipers fit on the Orestes? Looking into buying a set of 4 Brembo calipers. Thanks
  20. As close to 500bhp as I can with the aim of 300 per ton. It's getting t5 manifold then probably a comp r or holset turbo. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  21. Hi, I've just been going through the reciepts of my newly acquired 850 T5 (white injectors / Oblark M4.4) and noticed that the powerflow cat back is 2 1/4" diameter. Whilst the car goes well, I cant help but think it should be 2 1/2" minimum. The exhaust was on before the car was tuned but is there an argument to go bigger and are there any recommended solutions at this stage of tune. Thanks in advance. Mitch
  22. That would depend on the desired power band, turbo and power output.
  23. Hoping to try and get some advice. travelling at 40mph and the engine just died. 1998 V70R, electrics worked fine but engine wont fire. Had to get towed back by a Ford... sad times. Anyway, pulled a plug and no spark, the spark plugs are new Volvo, recently done the Dist cap and rotor arm, ht leads are a 2 years old at most. So striped the coil off and got a meter on it to get about 0.9 ohms which i think seems to be good??? Pulled the plugs on the Crank Sensor and getting just over 2.5 ohms, so is that good? Pulled the cam sensor and im getting all sorts of readings all under 1 ohm. Some terminals dont give any signal so what is the norm. I have done a video but cant upload it. I have gone to the facebook forums for help but im getting myself lost with all the directions from timing to bell housing earth connections. I am only an intermediate diyer. Any help is much appreciated Paul.
  24. What's best cams to use in the t4 1999 engine code B4192T2. I'm going for high power on a forged lump so need to know reasons behind the cams to use. Thanks all [emoji106] Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  25. Although this isn't quite a pure bread i believe due to the heart being volvo t4 and the engine will be getting the most attention I thought here is the best place to put it out. So a rear engined rear wheel drive 2007 astravan running all t4 equipment. Project is all ready rolling and while writing this am awaiting the van turning up to the work shop. So far the 2 vehicles have cost a total 325 quid. And I've spent 8 hours on the project. So if you want to fire any questions or advise it's more than welcome. I'm a trained tech of 20yrs so not dumb. Not the first volvo I've played with as you will come to realise. Thanks Rich Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  26. In the projects section just start a thread and put all the juicy bits in there have a poke around some others to get a feel for it
  27. How do I start a project thread? Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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