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  2. Hi tim iv taken off pcv n all looks clear,only thing blocked was pipe to catch tank((((( atleast i knw now always learning.when i put all back together i should get the engine to vacuum???or could it be something else.i watched vids on youtube about when you take filler cap off engine should suck n not blow which they say prob pcv??is this correct cheers for your advice n help Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks bud, will delve in deeper and have a good look around
  4. Im just jokeing tbh if you want a T4 go for a T4 i just know very little about them plenty on here do though so do your research on what T4 you want or if you do end up wanting a T5 instead then there will be even more info and opinions available
  5. Thanks mate Never know I might change bands and go for a 5 cyl in the end. I've never driven a T5 Volvo before, so might have a go and see what there like. I was pretty impressed with the T4 when it was up and running, but I have a 5 cyl Seat Toledo and for sound and torque is great. What should I look out for when buying a T5? I've read the 2.3 is the one to go for, but can be weak on gearboxes? Maybe I've just imagined that...
  6. Thats alright Roo pays half
  7. I'm finding it very hard to feel sorry for you Chris although id hate to see your fuel bill at the end of the trip!
  8. that sucks
  9. Nope, not now 😩
  10. Is there any chance at all of the C30 being done?
  11. The car has always gone very well for what it is, I think mainly as I have kept on top of any issues until an oil leak came too much at 209k so I decided it was time for Tim to drop one of his special build's in. Hopefully getting it back this month, less than 2 weeks until the ring!
  12. Ahh ok, i have a d5, polybushed both wishbone bushes and stay bar, just polybushed small torque mount and tht has created a little noise so maybe not a wise move...
  13. Yes i couldnt get them out of my D5 fast enough they transmitted noise and vibration into the cabin and made the car way more diesely even to the point where my missus commented on the noise (normally she doesnt notice anything about the car) but all my other engine/suspension mounts are standard so if you already have other mounts polly'd then they wont make any differance id have thought they worked great on my T5 for making the front end feel (maybe in my head?) tighter
  14. I get that, i did my 1 lap in the D5 and put a sticker on it happy days but that was a small part of a differant holiday if it was a ring trip id have been climbing the walls not being able to lap it like the T5, sort out a road trip with the missus and swing by the ring in the merc I very nearly did more laps in my D5 it was only the missus complaining that stopped me and thats way less fun to drive then your merc if you bring the merc on a ring trip i can see you ending up doing quite a few laps not that its a bad thing just be sure your happy to do that before you leave
  15. The accords good to go. I'll have way more track time in the atr. Be nice to go over there and at least go round in the merc though.
  16. Do the subframe void fillers make much difference? ?
  17. The transmission mounts fail every other week afaik also check your top engine mount every time my car has had the clunk on accelerating hard/letting off its been that - also if yours is an aftermarket yellow bush in it then its almost certainly that
  18. Hi I'm in need of a complete exhaust system for my 1998 v70r awd manual
  19. Hi welcome to the forum cant help with the volvos that are missing a cylinder but theres a fair bit of work been done to some T4's on here so you should be able to find some good ideas
  20. As i said before it will work (obviously) but i still think you will have more fun in the ATR if the C30 isnt ready for whatever reason shouldnt be too hard to blow the cob webs off the vtec yo and get it good to go?
  21. That must be awful mate, such a chore to drive the Merc across Germany Joking aside I hope the C30 is done in time, if not then maybe for combe?
  22. Thanks tim i actually thort that even tho my knowledge is rubbish on cars,iv noticed the engine is blowin out of filler cap instead of a vacuum which is pcv blocked i think??? Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  23. Hi thanx for your reply I've only 2 day ago brought it ive not had chance to get underneath to have a look i suspect it's had the bk axel changed but not to sure i wasn't expecting to have to spend money on it so soon don't suppose you know where I could get a second hand exhaust system for it really can't afford for a new complete custom one 😔
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  25. Hi and welcome. The AWD exhaust is different to a FWD one, if you fit the prop you should be able to tell the real reason why it was removed.
  26. If the PCV is fine then turbo or valve stem seals.
  27. Do you insure at ol7 postcode?as iv had trouble with specialist insurance Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
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