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  2. Who is staying at the travelodge this year? Paul
  3. If I'm not working away, I will be there with the club stickers
  4. Kinda struggled for a title there without it reading like an essay. Anyway, soon I'll be getting the clutch changed on the D5, and given I've little intention of dropping the box or subframe again I'm doing other jobs while I'm there (I say "I" but really this will be kings of westbury). They are doing the core plug, various seals and what nots Tony advised. However, I was wondering what else might be worth doing while the box is off and they are in the area. For example, I was thinking of a new lower torque mount on the gearbox, and some of those subframe bush inserts, just to refresh and tighten things up. I know the vac engine mounts need doing, so is this a good time with improved access? Is there anything else that you might recommend? the cars on 180,000 miles (mostly motorway) but it's due some tlc. Many thanks,
  5. All sorted now ta
  6. Hi, yes the R is still for sale. If you pm me a number I can give you a call to let you know more about the caR. Cheers Iain
  7. Hi mate is the car still available if so how much are you looking for cheers jamie
  8. Last week
  9. Can you check the bins? Lemme have another scour on the bay, thanks for the tip.
  10. If your willing to do the labour yourself (it will be an engine out job) then its even better get a 2.4 block bored out and shimmed then just fit it yourself but the shimming is the most important part otherwise you will end up in the same boat in a few years im sure ive been told that any 5 cylinder whiteblock petrol engine can be bored out and will work but id get the definite answer from Mr Williams
  11. Think i threw mine away when i upgraded to 320's if it helps any facelift D5 on ebay should have 305 brakes fitted standard
  12. Glad you found your way over here from the other forum. Just send a PM to member 'Tim Williams'. He'll pick it up and reply.
  13. As per title, I'm after some 305 carriers to upgrade the front brakes on my s60. Many thanks,
  14. thanks for the reply, that was an option i never considered, im not looking for a temporary fix but in the same breath i don't want the repair costs to be uneconomical im happy to spend the money just as long as it doesnt cost more more than what i could go out and buy another v70r for. Any idea on what engine number i would be looking for? every time i search for this problem Mr Williams' name comes up so im guessing the guy is the dogs dangly bits at this. with regards to labour costs they shouldn't be an issue as I build prototype cars for a living, a large number of which contain the volvo t5 engine all be it cost cut versions of it any idea how i can contact Tim?
  15. £250 for quick sale
  16. Good to see another T5 being looked after too many of em just getting scrapped now, keep us updated on any progress
  17. Hi welcome to the forum Option 4 get a 2.4block bored out to 2.5 then fitted and shimmed by Tim Williams - job jobbed (i imagine this would sit cost wise between options 2 and 3 but imo is a better otion the both 2 and 3) option 4.5 if funds are tight atm get Tim to check it out and shimm the block now that might get you a bit more life until you can collect the pennies together to complete option 4
  18. hi there i have been recommended to this forum from the VOC forum and im looking for a little bit of information. I recently purchased myself an early 2004 v70r after driving the car around 2000 miles I started to get the dreaded issues of liner crack. Ive stripped the engine down and i guess there are 3 options i have:1.scrap the car (i dont want to do this at all)2. source a 2.4 bottom end and rebuild with the 2.5 top end (unsure about what engine code is a straight fit the current engineoption 1 is something im not prepared to do until i explore options 2 and 3 first.option 2 is possibly the best option to keep the bank balance healthy and this being an economic repairoption 3 is if money was no option i would do it this way with no second thoughts, the only thing is im struggling to find a uk supplier for the sleevesif anyone on here has previously done this all the information in the world would be much appreciated!ThanksMatt
  19. Iirc your V50 has a differant hub size and offset so none of those options will work on yours the 320mm set up people are talking about on your car is from a focus ST (i think)
  20. Hi guys, I have a V50 with 300mm brakes, I have noticed the 320mm brakes are quite expensive, but what I have read on here is members fitting 330mm R discs with 320mm calipers and 336 xc90 carriers, why not just fit the complete caliper and carrier from the XC90 T6 T8? Or am I missing something, are there any other calipers that will fit like the D5 Xc90 ? many thanks Gary.
  21. I actually bought a spare key from Mcguard in Germany It wasn't that expensive, but you do have to send them a copy of your reg doc and pics of your existing wheel nut/bolt.
  22. Well to my amazement my car has DRLs already turned off. Just now need to find the time to install the xenons with the earth tweak.
  23. UT Thanks for that. I recall the Snabb brand from years ago now you mention it. Just searched FCPEuro for my car and they do a Snabb pipe. Looks good and before placing an order, I'll see if a family member that's travelling to the USA in 3 weeks can pick it up for me there if possible as IIRC we get raped on importing car parts.
  24. I went with the Snabb one from the USA (, expensive but was a straight fit with no messing onto the standard airbox. In fact just looking now and the price has gone up a lot since I got mine and the exchange rate is not helpful! If you went with that you need to make sure you get the correct one with the right number of take offs and pipe diameters although you could easily get a different 90 deg silicone elbow over here if necessary. I'd also get a spare volvo intake pipe to rob the pcv valve out of as I seem to recall having to slightly modify it to fit it into the snabb pipe.
  25. @s40rch yep, found a video from him from 2016 with a even faster 8:13 BTG and following in the description: Volvo 850 R Estate (Kombi) specs: 1330kg, 300ps/528Nm, KW V2, Michelin slicks 24/61/17
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