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  2. Thanks tim i actually thort that even tho my knowledge is rubbish on cars,iv noticed the engine is blowin out of filler cap instead of a vacuum which is pcv blocked i think??? Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
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  4. Hi thanx for your reply I've only 2 day ago brought it ive not had chance to get underneath to have a look i suspect it's had the bk axel changed but not to sure i wasn't expecting to have to spend money on it so soon don't suppose you know where I could get a second hand exhaust system for it really can't afford for a new complete custom one 😔
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  6. Hi and welcome. The AWD exhaust is different to a FWD one, if you fit the prop you should be able to tell the real reason why it was removed.
  7. If the PCV is fine then turbo or valve stem seals.
  8. Do you insure at ol7 postcode?as iv had trouble with specialist insurance Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  9. Hi guys i was sat in traffic today n several times the old girl decided to smoke from exhaust??she doesnt smoke when driving n runs ok but as it was idling in traffic it smoked?????helppppp plzzz Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  10. Hi guys need a little help and advice hope I've posted this in the right place. i have just brought a 1998 v70r awd, problem I'm haveing is it's been de-cat and has a side exhaust on it (it's just to loud 😔) does anyone know if there are others exhaust that fit these cars ie one of a standard t5 etc also a cheeky question its been converted to fwd I do have the shaft for it in your guys option is it worth restoring it bk to awd? thanx for help
  11. Hello, I've just joined after spending all my time with vag cars. I picked up an S40 T4 and despite fsh and mot its not worth my time getting upto scratch. So, I've decided to break the car and start again with a fresh new start, so hopefully once the old one is gone I should be able to pickup a more healthy, tidy example. Fingers crossed. What should I be looking out for when buying a T4 S40/V40? Best engine code to go for? The one I have at the moment is B4204T5 Thanks and look forward to hearing from you
  12. I didn't realise the spec you were running! Very impressive. I just need to go back for a new ETM, will have to leave the pesky 2.0/3.0ltr diesel Germans alone until then. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Looking like I may be going in the Merc.
  14. Well, I'M ready. Just need a wash and dry and I'm good to go. Oh and maybe wash the car as well. thanks Tim.
  15. Sounds like he's cleaned it then! Yours all sorted?
  16. paid, cheers alex!
  17. 2006 S60 steering wheel, standard black leather. Unmarked condition from a 56 reg car with 43k miles. Stereo buttons and blank buttons fitted, although the blanks are a straight swap for cruise buttons as the wiring/plug is fitted to the spring plate as standard. I only bought it for the airbag. £20.00 plus post. May possibly have a perfect condition 2006 S60 sport wheel up for grabs soon as I've ended up with two. It'll have phone/nav controls with silver trim buttons. Let me know if you're interested.
  18. More Feedback from our Car Insurance Scheme - - After being with my current insurer for three years of trouble free motoring, I have now modified the car past a point where they're willing to insure it. (Any mods, at all lol) Spoke to Prestige and XXX regarding a quote, with the mods listed, Prestige have almost matched my renewal from my current insurer which didn't even cover any modifications and have beaten the best quote I could find elsewhere including them as well! XXX couldn't quote me on this occasion but (not) to worry, I'm now happy! - Very friendly on the phone and went the extra mile to get me a decent quote! If your car insurance is due soon, why don’t you give us a ring? Kind regards Tim Prestige Keep Moving Insurance Scheme 0800 3308057 or 0333 4001580
  19. all cured. new volvo 316mm discs/pads on front, and new volvo pads on the rear, along with wire brushing calipers, sliders and rear discs, and greasing sliders. Also wire brushed all faces of hub and wheel hub. feels perfect now. also fully flushed brake fluid. 100 miles in, and it now bites brilliantly when the brakes are deployed. i stuck with the 316mm as i didn't fancy spending out on XC90 carriers which are fairly pricey, and i was a bit worried about needing xc90 calipers as i read that the xc90 discs and pads are a couple of mm wider than the 316mm discs/pads. after spending £1k on an audi s6 to porsche cayenne (brembo 6 pot) 2 years ago, and all the hassle that involved, i chickened out and stuck with the standard. ended up buying from Caffyns Volvo via ebay - they were about £20 cheaper than other dealers i tried, and had everything in stock for next day delivery the 4C suspension also felt a bit wallowey and unstable when i first bought it, and didn't give confidence when motoring down a bumpy b road. Noted that 1 front 4C shock was replaced last year at a small backstreet garage, with no evidence to say it had been calibrated. i reset via vida, and now feels great.
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  21. Sorry to hear that. The new forum software does have its foibles, I also struggle with it at times. The best way to add pictures is by uploading them to a photo hosting site and then posting the link in your post. HTH
  22. Typed my first post in years after buying a new car.. had a question and everything. Went to add picture, the system wiped the lot..left in disgust..
  23. Thanks Ryan Tim fitted the gates hoses and after a service took it for a spin and worked his magic with diagnostics. Turns out the issue is with the ETM. Saw your car there too looks lovely!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. The motor is a 2000 s40 us edition. The two pior 2000 s40s I used to own had vvt on the exhaust and one map sensor on the intake manifold. My 2003 has two, one on the cold side of the intercooler and one on the intake manifold. I will give the cam timing another shot. I'm going to use the data log feature as well on my scanner (first time using it) and see how that works. I'll try uploading the datalog info tomorrow night. I'm not giving up on the car, not after 5 months of work on it and still needs M56 swap next year. 😀
  25. I have the same 316mm setup on mine. I've been researching a lot about upgrading to the Brembos from the R or the 336mm, but I think that I'll stick with the 316mm setup. I want to keep the Orestes without spacers. I'll get new Volvo rotors (apparently are quite good) and Carbotech XP12 pads (front and rear).
  26. The best gearbox tie bar small bush is an original one from an 850 or *70 petrol.
  27. I thought you had a Phase 1 motor? I'd double check your cam timing, not the cam pulley timing but the cam timing.
  28. It's an 03 plate s60 2.3 t5 250 bhp. Got a knock everytime i lift off or accelerate or get the biting point. Checked the transmission mount and the small bush has warn away so wondering if an uprated version is the better option Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
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