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  1. After careful deliberation between the Admin and Mod team it has been decided that as of the end of the month the forum will transfer ownership to the Volvo Owners Club. The move will give ongoing benefits to the forum and the sites will be eventually merged into one. this is being done to protect the valuable knowledge from disappearing as much use is now made of Facebook groups and unfortunately the knowledge isn't searchable or kept for reference, albeit the knowledge contained within such as "Front car Friday" or "side on Saturday" probably isn't needed to be kept forever. Throughout it all the current moderators will be kept onboard to assist with the move. Long live T5Voc
  2. It is resolved - No more Ebay feeds on New Content
  3. Topic has been merged - Admin
  4. Apologies for the outage over the last 24/48 hours, once again related to the change of servers undertaken by the hosts, been a rather painful job to get it back however it's back up and running and I'm still tweaking things - please let us know if you spot any major issues

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    2. DSK


      Used phone and outage wasn't terrible.  Glad the forums back.

    3. DSK


      The forum doesn't work on TapaTalk iphone app.

      Error states the tapatalk hook was disabled.

    4. V70Ben


      I've got the same issue and it's being looked into apparently to resolve. 

  5. Apologies for the problems with the server - these issues have now been resolved, and were due to some severe traffic issues from a russian search engine - should be resolved now - please PM me if not

    1. RuthlessGK



  6. Please see the statement below. It has been brought to the attention of the forum moderation team that a number of forum members have received letters threatening legal action, from a Solicitor by the name of Andrew Michael Higgs, acting on the instruction of RT Mechanics Ltd, Haslemere and Mr. Russell Thompson. The letter, also puts on notice, anyone else who has published anything which RT Mechanics Ltd and Mr. Russell Thompson subjectively regard as "criticism", "adverse" or 'malicious' comment against RT Mechanics Ltd and Mr. Russell Thompson on at least 3 different websites that RT Mechanics Ltd and Mr. Russell Thompson intend to commence legal proceedings against said persons without further notice. It is understood that the demands being made at present, to the persons being threatened with legal action, are to desist from publishing further commentary regarding RT Mechanics Ltd and Mr. Russell Thompson which may render RT Mechanics Ltd or Mr. Russell Thompson "Mortified"; for public apologies to be published by those persons to RT Mechanics Ltd and Mr. Russell Thompson, and for those persons to agree immediately to amends which have yet to be decided by RT. Mechanics Ltd and Mr. Russell Thompson. Finally, it has been demanded that such adverse comments be withdrawn by said persons. To be clear, we have no idea what may constitute remarks that RT Mechanics Ltd or Mr. Russell Thompson may regard as "criticism" or "adverse" or quite how they may determine that the motivation behind such posts as 'malicious'. In essence RT Mechanics Ltd and Mr. Russell Thompson, through their "so called" solicitor, Mr Andrew Michael Higgs, have issued final notice of their intention to take legal proceedings against "everyone" for making comments unknown, without citing any Statute or Precedent at Common Law under which they intend to take this "action". Obviously we are taking this matter very seriously! Therefore, the moderation team, following a period of consideration now feel it is only fair that our members be warned of this threat of legal action, without any further notice whatsoever for comments which might be deemed to be”criticism”, “adverse” or “malicious” by RT Mechanics Ltd and Mr Russell Thompson. We also advise our forum members to disseminate this information to others whom they think might be at "risk". Further details on the letters received by our members may be posted up in due course. If anyone would like to publish a public apology to RT Mechanics Ltd and / or Mr. Russell Thompson, please feel free to do so in this thread.
  7. This issue has been resolved. You will now notice that when visiting the following addresses: or You will automatically be redirected to the correct page. Please change your bookmarks/favourites to reflect the correct URL. Thank you for bringing the matter to attention.
  8. Has resolved the "View New Content"

  9. Done
  10. Checking Facebook integration

    1. tingy


      ouuuu we can comment on peoples status

  11. Some will be pleased to note that an IPhone app now exists available from the link above. An Android app will be shortly available as well. ------------ There is also further integration with Twitter and Facebook.
  12. Just so members can see what stage it is at: April 2010: PAID May: June: July: August: September: October: November: December: January 2011: February 2011: March 2011: April 2011: Target is at
  13. Apologies for the delay in updates. So far, everything looks to be working pretty well, there has been some optimisations taking place in the background of the forum to do with the DB and the DB software which has taken time to tune so that it performs to it's optimum, and there was more tuning to the DB in the early hours of this morning GMT. In the UK, you may still experience some slight lag as the data still has to be streamed from the US - but this is at the lowest possible levels. The new host is not a lowly third tier reseller/webhost, and I know V70Ben had looked into the numerous hosts (and eventually the 3 candidate shortlist) for weeks before the site was moved to try and identify the best in terms of performance/price and also the support and 24/7 availability. Once again, I'd like to thank the moderation team for their assistance and patience, and a big thanks to the members for the same whilst everything got changed over - and also a very big thank you to those members who were invited to test the new hosts and those members identified one who was completely unsuitable. The members will be pleased to know that the server now provides us with a cast iron backup facility, and also cast iron fast support and high network uptime. As the tweaks continue in the background members may notice some further improvements in speed (if possible) and functionality over the next few months. The first thing that members may have noticed is that the Google custom search has now gone - this has been replaced with an integrated enhanced search engine which utilises the forums own search box. This has removed the old 3 / 4 character limit, and also offers a vast performance increase and is vastly more accurate in the results it returns. The donation button will shortly be going live - and I look forward to being able to provide further improvements to the site and members. Many thanks Dave
  14. I am aware that there are issues. These are being investigated by the provider, and it has been escalated to their experts now, given that it's now the second time it's happened. Performance is looking excellent, apart from the strange slowdowns between 7am and 11am GMT. Work is still ongoing in some areas, and all I ask is that you bear with us whilst this is carried out.