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  1. Hi Nick bit late to the party but well done for getting on the grid mate, it’s never easy and that shunt must have focused your attention! Hope the Fiesta is on its toes and good to go next time out mate and that it all goes a wee bit smoother.
  2. It is only at selected Odeons for one night only the 21st of February as detailed here Which also includes a short trailer for those not on facebook
  3. Sensible choice the C30 T5 is and as a side note Chris if you do Brands full day OPL again book it with MSV and not Javelin who being cheaper always go OTT with car bookings on track IMHO.
  4. Nice track day choice Chris I’ve always fancied the C30 T5 over the Ford ST or the Mazda 3 MPS. So good luck with your new project
  5. I don't doubt Tim's experiences with Gaz Gold dampers but as at least 8 British championship (last time I looked) use these dampers as standard fit they can't be all bad on a dedicated track or race car. Everybody knows excess weight is the killer in motorsport so: As regards using an 850 or S70 don't disregard the C70 and regardless of which Volvo you use get the weight down (if possible within the rules) to that of the M3's your going up against, if you can't you will never match them on average race lap times all else being equal. IMHO the biggest killer of the 5 pot Volvo is excessive oil temperatures and that increases for every extra BHP you have, hence the last thing you need in a 20-25 min race around British race circuits is having to back off to lower oil temps to save the engine, so going for more BHP than the BMW's to counteract any weight penalty your Volvo might carry could prove costly. I doubt this would be allowed in any British tin top championship but an S40 running the same or less weight than a BMW with the 5 pot engine would be best option IMHO!
  6. Just filled up at Costco and the pump now has 99 RON displayed on it. So as their fuel is supplied by who supply Momentum 99 to Tesco I don't doubt its the same super unleaded fuel. Difference in price was 6p a litre. For what its worth all petrol sold in the UK is E5, even Shell 99 and has been for a quite a while. Hence while the E5 content may contribute to the octane rating it is not the only deciding factor of a fuels octane rating in the UK.
  7. Looks like you were cruising in that vid Greg Shame your other vids were pics only as I think you should be in the 2.20's somewhere in that car and with a few suspension geometry mods without a doubt
  8. Quick update on Costco fuel, was in our new local Costco fuel station a few weeks ago and saw the tanker delivery, finally got round to Google the name on the side of the truck and came up with this: Reading further not only do Tesco have a share in Greenergy who supply all thier fuels including of course Momentum 99, but Greenergy are also responsible for delivering ESSO fuels. So if the info I posted previously in this thred from another forum is correct then Costco super unleaded is ESSO 97 octane.
  9. Looks like all the rest in this segment IMHO spotting something different just gets harder and harder and if you want a V8 Irf be quick as all the manufacturers are downsizing to meet EU emissions, Jaguar will only have straight 4's and 6's in the not to distant future, Porsche already have their new 4 cylinder on sale!
  10. Must admit when the weather is good I still get withdrawal symptoms and you mentioning the Ducati Diavel doesn't help What a lovely bike!
  11. Bit late to the party but that is a great Suzuki you have there! But despite what you and Aid have said, I still think riding a superbike on the road does sometimes put you in the frame to perform, hence one of the reasons why I sold my YZF750R. In 2016 I could now get away with just being an old boy on a classic superbike, so deep down I wish I’d kept her Have fun guys
  12. No worries Steve I understand that and good luck sorting it out, but as you didn't have the GVW/MAM weights for the cars, I based my answer on your max 1300 kg GVW/MAM trailer weight and the car kerb weights as detailed in the www link I posted, see below: For example: a vehicle with an unladen weight of 1.25 tonnes and a MAM of 2 tonnes coupled with a trailer with a MAM of 1.25 tonnes could be driven by the holder of a category B entitlement. This is because the MAM of the combination does not exceed 3.5 tonnes and also the MAM of the trailer does not exceed the unladen weight of the drawing vehicle. Whereas the same vehicle with an unladen weight of 1.25 tonnes and a MAM of 2 tonnes when coupled with a trailer with a MAM of 1.5 tonnes would fall within category B+E. This is because although the combined weight of the vehicle and trailer is within the 3.5 tonnes MAM limit, the MAM of the trailer is more than the unladen weight of the drawing vehicle.
  13. Volvo kerb weights here: Kerb weight is unladen weight so should be easy to get within your 3500 kg limit with any of those cars.
  14. Just caught this on the morning BBC news, not good.