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  1. Pmd
  2. as title my stock 286 are shot and considering the s60 gets a fair hard use guess its time to go for something healthier so what have you fair people!?
  3. Cheers bud! Don't really mind but.I gotta rebuild head an turbo as gearbox n clutch think I may aswell price a forged heart for her
  4. Well been moved to services waiting on recovery now to point us in right direction
  5. No clutch has shat.itself..we Wern going then she just went so no drive at all now Yea an we are prioritie due to baby so see what goes on now
  6. Have spoke to aa...they gnna try fix the car.....
  7. Clutch has gone and myself,partner,baby and two friends are stuck on a45 by m1 junction and holiday inn...appealing for some assistance from anyone in Northampton area None if us have any breakdown cover and just don't know what to do
  8. Yes as above, the cubby trays on side of front seats hide the impact sensor. Onto the rear of these trays should be the locking clip. Best way i found to remove the tray is pull seats forward then gently lift tray from rear and slide forward away from sensor and seat
  9. Welcome to the club, most of the 850 and definitely (phase 1) v70 interiors will have airbags standard on seats. You can fit seats from either model obviously needs to be a 850 estate likewise. Front seats have 4 14mm bolts iirc and a plug or two for airbag and heated seat, rear bench seat will lift up and out the backrest im not so certain on.
  10. Idiot... Parts for an 850!
  11. gets better with every update! how did you get on with tools they sorted alrght?
  12. My dads beloved car, very reluctant sale if only i had funds!
  13. looking good dude! i see what you meant about the rear set up, nice fit! another great build