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  1. That's the last time you have a go in it, bitch!
  2. 44 PSI = 3.0 bar = cracked block! As Tim says, I very much doubt it's boosting to 3.0 bar. Are you using a mechanical boost gauge?
  3. Sold
  4. Bought these off "hybusamini" recently, but ended up sticking with my current blue door cards so they are no longer needed. They are in very good condition, all have speakers (but a grill or two missing) and come without the inserts. £60 collected.
  5. must be desperate for the next 'mod' because he's now looking at BMW X5 bodykits!

    1. Gregs T5R

      Gregs T5R

      If you still have that 850? Fit a crank scraper, baffled sump with trapdoors, catch can and pan e-vac system and reduce crank case pressure to silly low levels Small horse power gain as well!

      Otherwise step away from the X5 body kits you will only make it look worse lol  

  6. I was running 17" 8J or 8.5J rims (the name escapes me at the moment, but they were commissioned by Volvo IIRC) with 235/40/17 Federal RSRs.
  7. Yes, 4.8s was the best I ever had out of it. 60-130 is considerably quicker than my 850, and that isn't slow either. If I came across another mint T4 (that one was absolutely mint inside & out, 49K miler when I bought it), I'd do it again.
  8. My old T4 was that colour. Brings back some fond memories... It went well too, 370 bhp (K24 turbo). No doubt yours will be quicker!
  9. 350 bhp, 470NM torque. Stock 2.3 head but with a 2.4 bottom end. NO methanol (not a fan of meth!). Rev limit set to 6850. Fuelling is exactly where I'd like it to be (AFRs), boost is 1.2 - 1.3 bar and tails off to 1.0 bar right at the top end.
  10. Do you have access to VIDA?
  11. Cool, I'm not too far away (near Amersham). I've owned 3 S60Rs in the past, at various stages of tune, would be good to meet up
  12. Where abouts in Bucks/west london are you?
  13. Pics not working for some reason. Are these from an estate or saloon? I might be interested.