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  1. I will be there early Ashok and willing to help again with the chairs . We got some sort of golden throne that we can put center stage for irf? ???
  2. Ok . Nice chap . Always spoke to him and always had time for a chat
  3. Just out of curiosity. Is Mike in the workshop still at mrg ????
  4. It's to hold a rubbish bag and also a bottle of pop
  5. I would be up for this depending on dates .
  6. It's a burgandy hybrid v50 . Well it sounded like a hybrid . Was so quiet next to tez's car . Lol
  7. You need a pair of these mo . Brilliant for them filter housings 141630125884 eBay number .
  8. Think I will be coming aswell tez . Maybe +2
  9. I got my headphones in and listened to it . Wow that noise
  10. Pub and a meet . Sounds like our kind of meet
  11. Im with sky insurance and cant really fault them . My renewal was slightly higher but managed to get the price cheaper after bantering and all mods declared like for like