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  1. Gutted havent got that moneyvwise avaliable in one go at the moment .
  2. if no other interest by lord sandisk then I am interested if you could give us a price please
  3. do you have a few of these Tim ? i need a release bearing a rms as well then my manual conversion kit is complete.
  4. is there any places via uk or anybody no of somebody doing the brackets like the dvs one for 320mm set up on a 850
  5. Hi i am about to change from auto to manual in my 850 was wandering about flywheel bolts can i re use from donor car or will i need to replace ?
  6. looking to see has anyone got a gripper or qualif for sale for a 850 m56 box
  7. Cheers for that . I have done a little digging today on that and sounds like a qualife is more down my street with less to no maintanace of it
  8. cheers worth an ask
  9. long shot Tim but have you got any pairs left?
  10. 5x vxr injectors 470cc new only fitted once to run on path then whites went back in. 130 delivered uk only
  11. Sold to Marky
  12. Need a walbro fuel pump Ignition barrel (spring loaded part) someone was selling one with a lot of other things but cant find thread. 19t wheel if anyones got one !
  13. Yes got new volvo bolts just looking at gasket
  14. Cheers Tim I have a .5 bar new actuator to use . Just looking at my options at mo trying to save some pennies . Also looking for head gasket set !
  15. If any one has upgraded to a billet wheel and has a 19t standard for sale give us a a shout
  16. Td04 angled flange housing please ?
  17. Cheers steve i have got hold of one but thanks for offer and info
  18. What type of money is a reasonable amount to have chra machined and housing milled out to be able to go from a 16t to 19t? Cheers
  19. They have told me they dont do that type of work any more. I have a place in skemersdale AC Turbos have quoted me 220 to do work including s/f balance the lot! I am wandering if i am to go bigger is it worth going 20t ? Instead of 19t
  20. Cheers will ask
  21. cheers fitted mine the othere day . Phillyc