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  1. add me to please fingers crossed I have car that I can use :-)
  2. I would have bought these as I bought your last set :-) Just picked some up the other month and needed refurbing :-(
  3. yeah just posted it myself. It;s a complete shock and another volvo guy gone to soon :-(
  4. It is with great sadness to announce the recent death of John Currie, aged 35 & father of two from Berwick, who also went by the name of Dream3r on the Volvo forums. John was sadly involved in a fatal road collision. The collision happened just after 7.30pm on Friday night on the A1167 old A1 road leading into Berwick. Police Officers, ambulance staff and fire crews attended the incident but John was sadly pronounced dead at the scene. An inquest into his death was opened and adjourned by the senior coroner for north Northumberland on Monday. John was well respected in the Volvo Community and will be sorely missed. Rest in Peace
  5. i'll have to do some Major ass kissing before I can go on the ring trip.
  6. Nikon DSLR 5100 body + lens + case+ 32gb ultra card £160 Nikon DSLR 5100 complete gwo £160 no offers. Camera body + standard lens, carry case, battery + charger + 32gb memory card. This is a great bargain and a great camera. I've used this as my main camera, I've got another nikon but just using this out of habbit. All works as it should, only downside some scratches on the view finder lcd screen, but who uses that anyway ? Seen body of camera go on ebay for 260 so this is a great deal. Can be posted if buyer pays or taken to shows etc.
  7. I'd love to, but that would eat into my tim w pot of dosh for car mods lol. It's the last blast before you get the motor to play with. Maybe next year :-)
  8. I'm going on a trackday at blyton 8th October. Feel free to come along and support us or join in on the mega fun. https://www.trackday...rtrackday/9571/ I'm no expert and never drove blyton but its on the tick list to do Martin
  9. Hi Guys Well it was my first track day for twenty+ years and enjoyed it, the whole weekend was awesome. Put some faces to names and met some really cool people. My track skills were very rusty but got into it towards the end and then almost ran out of fuel. (bought fuel canisters now). I stopped doing track days because of muppets in bangers who could not drive, ignored track rules etc. Had so many close calls I did not want to write my pride and joy off so gave up. My Volvo I love but is only my work horse, I’d still be gutted if it got smashed up. I found the driving excellent, I was rather slow compared to some, but I made sure I got out of the way of others (I think I was overly nice). I did ignore the red flag, but I think that was a newbie error, just getting back into it. I've also bought an open face helmet to help vision. So that will not happen again I hope. The only thing I could say is it would have been nice to meet the group before the briefing. Maybe 5 mins before and introduce each other type of thing. Only small but would welcome any new members etc. That would have been hard as everyone was franticly doing something. Overall it was the best run track day I've ever been on, some slow cars on track but was not a problem. Sorry to Ashok again, when I met him I thought he was just the track doctor until after I read the name on the suit. I can’t wait for the next.
  10. Well had a great weekend, met some really nice people and was able to put facex to names etc. First time out for me, took me a while to get use to the track and how the car handled it, will learn alot and be back for next year. Top weekend, Top cars , Top people thanks again. Redbricks motor was well quick :-)
  11. I've missed out on this, but if anybody drops out I'll be happy to step in. Have we a reserve list ?
  12. Hi Don Big thanks for the IPD anti roll bar. Tnaks for a very easy transaction. Fitted it yesterday and its awesome :-) Thanks again Martin
  13. think its loose manifold bolts, all over the ford forums and a few swedish forums. Common problem for c30,s40 v50 c70 t5 lums that share the ford motor for these to come loose. Going to check and double nut :-)
  14. 450 bhp @ the wheels but that was in 2003 on the rollers. It was classed as high back then, but most can get 400 with BPU. Mine still got both cats on and therefore passes it mot quite easily