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  1. I'm sorry I can't make it now due to personal reasons .
  2. I had my old St Steering wheel recovered in Italian Black suede by SF Trim on facebook they did a great job and I can't wait to try it out on the track :).
  3. I have one Blinder lazer jammer
  4. I was there and saw it happen a tuning company was driving like a mad man and t boned the fiesta they were very lucky no one was hurt .
  5. Count me in too my new bird dosen't like driving fast so she will have to stay at home :).
  6. I've got some KWv3 Coilovers coming for the old girl and after Christmas a local kid is going to respray my car the right way. The coilovers should make a great addition to the all ready grin face handling ' I took our transport manager out in it the other day who has a new vxr and he said fuck me this shifts mine is no were near this on power 'I told him the arctic I took out the other day was as quick as his ' the look on his face was great until I told him I was Kidding , even though I got an overspeed infringement on my tacho last month .
  7. Looks like a great trip guy's glad you all came home without any upset's
  8. I found out yesterday and I couldn't believe it RIP big guy and my thoughts are with his family
  9. Have a great safe time guy's
  10. well before it snows lol
  11. Ashok I hope they throw the book at him and everyone else who are doing this sort of thing and bang them up for a few years to reflect on there action's.
  12. Nothings going to happen while at least 2 years according to the news' the markets and our money will recover 'think on The traders will want there bonuses
  13. Bloody brilliant Track day couldn't be any better imo' didn't get hold up snap had to wait awhile but ok and worth the wait. Car Fantastic 'me driving it getting better with a massive smile on my face. Saturday night piss up great apart from the pole dancing joint were me and Blackbeast had on pint thrown over us when a kid smacked a bouncer and I left shortly after . Fantastic weekend can't wait for next years .
  14. God knows Paul just appealing it