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    S60 (Saloon P2 99>)
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    Own a 2003 S60 S D5 and a V50 SE 2.0D purely down to the 25k miles a year I'm doing atm. Got my eyes open for a nice V70R.
  1. Artnoon. When's the next Essex meeting ?
  2. Hellofajourney. Got to say I've had my S60 D5 for a year now and done 20k miles without a hickup. I miss the pickup of the V70R but it doesn't stop me from getting pulled over. In fact I am so impressed I just bought the wife a V50 2.0D SE. We'll see how that one gets on.
  3. Working most of the weekend :(

  4. Trust me - with a S60 D5 once I hit 100 illusions of speed is all I have
  5. Indeed I remember - hope that got resolved ok. The old V70R is a lovely car and her engine is sweet she just hasn't been getting the love since I got the S60 D5 which I bought purely as I needed a mileage muncher - doing 2000-2500 miles a month at the moment. I miss the estate badly so will probably look to a V70 D5 next year. Till then I'll be the one driving at a steady pace down the A15, M6, M5 or similar Hope everyone is well and who knows when someone tells me about the next Essex meet I may even pop along. Engineer: Hope your well old man. Given I've got the old S60 D5 tractor you may be finally able to beat me on the M11
  6. be quiet old man
  7. Gary:
  8. How's your zimmerframe holding up old man ?
  9. As I've not been to a meet in a while I'll try and be there.
  10. Not a new member as such - but thought I'd say hello as I've been away for sometime.... Hello
  11. A little off topic but... If Adam is no longer a director of VT but only works for them on a "occasional/contract type basis". Does anyone know if Adam has setup on his own, have contact details for him etc? Andrew.
  12. I don't give cars away - sorry
  13. Finally found some time to come back Promise I'll try and visit more often. Ok yes still got the V70R heavily modded of course. Nothing recent though not spanking lots of money on it any more - too busy making plans for something else. India : will be off there in April / May next year for 6 months. Anyone want a V70R P1 ? 114k 19T, ~330bhp.?? Nice to see so many of the old gang still about. Hope all is well with you all. All the best, Andrew.
  14. Yup - although if all goes well it'll be up for sale soon.
  15. Someone left me a message to check out the new site. Having been out the scene for a while I thought I'd pop in and say hello to old and new friends. Who's running the site?