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  1. Iain, good to see the R this morning, the car is a credit to Nick - it's immaculate and sounded fantastic as you drove up the approach road to the car park!
  2. Ashok, I'm sorry - due to circumstances outwith my control I cannot attend. PM sent. Iain
  3. Edit due to double post!
  4. Hi, I have a 7.0 Comet in silver bright in very good condition.PM me and I can arrange getting it to you. cheers
  5. Driver's side headlight for a 2004 V70R wanted! Cheers
  6. It's a pity that this didn't work out, it looked like a good solution at first! Hope that you get a buyer for your T5 exhaust!
  7. Sounds interesting!
  8. Hi Hedley, not heard of this car up in Scotland! The best of luck in finding out about this R. I agree with yosser, after all you know more than most about Rs having had a V70R from new!
  9. Hi, my '03 S60's boot lock stopped unlocking and could only be opened with the key. I took the car into an auto electrician and he found that it was the lock itself that was faulty. As a temporary solution he has somehow disconected the boot lock solenoid from the main circuit and the lock now locks and unlocks as normal, however the boot light does not come on when I open the boot with the handle.
  10. Hi, have a look at the first post as a new discount for parts has been negotiated: "It is inevitable that the parts and servicing discount scheme I negotiated years back will also come to an end, but I’m pleased to say that I’ve managed to negotiate a new scheme with Simon Chiu who is now the aftersales manager at City Motors Volvo in Bristol - parts sales, in particular, appear to be far more competitive. Servicing appointments at City Motors Volvo can be booked by contacting Simon on 0117 9723030. If anyone is after parts quotes, please contact me directly by PM."