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  1. Thanks for the reply Tim I checked swirl arm yesterday & that had popped off so going to order the repair do you check the fluid level on the 07 as there is no dip stick like the earlier models,the prop is fine a doesn't turn
  2. 2 days ago she limped home with only 1st & 2nd,for a few wks she says the gearbox has been jumpy when acclerating hard,pottering around seems ok,ive cleared all of the codes & the only ones that stayed were ecm 2670 rem 4f45 i took it for a spin around the block & seemed ok ,gear change is smooth,accelerated hard ok,then accelerate hard again...there was a thud between gear change,then pottering its ok.ive checked the codes again & the same two as above.she called earlier to say it was ok for a while but now has gone back to limp mode,20mph home
  3. Evening everyone I went to my mums today to read some codes,as she has just been having problems with th auto gearbox,it's a 07 xc90 d5.turns out she has a whole lot of problems.gearbox & injectors been the main problems,the Awd has never worked & has only just showed up as a fault.any advice regarding the gearbox & injectors would be much appreciated p,ive told her I will seek advice from you guys before she visits a dealer. Trev
  4. Hi does anyone have a contact num for tim Williams please? Trev