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  1. I'm no expert but have had plenty of issues with my own R's. On my previous R I could be cruising along on the motorway in cruise control or not and it would loose power for a split second and feel like it was about to stall. It also did the same thing any other time. It could disappear for a few days then return. It was the FPS.
  2. Hi Alex, it sounds like I have the same problem as you did then. Yes I have uneven idle all the time, more so when I've been kicking the ars out of it. Also on part throttle picking up speed the car can have a moment when it feels like I've taken my foot of the accelerator (boost pressure drops for a second) and then is fine the more you put your foot down this also happens when the car has full boost potential.
  3. I'll take them please. I'll be at Combe in a blue S60r, silver pro race wheels my name is Paul. Cheers
  4. Little update. I replaced the maf (second hand) no change, new BPS, new FPS, new TCV still no change. New question? Would a very slight leak in the radiator cause this issue? I noticed it whilst I had the bumper off doing a fluid change. It's been 4-5 weeks since I've changed it and I've put 200ml water in the tank last week.
  5. Must be!
  6. Does that mean we will need to pay to be a member?
  7. Hi, does anyone know if camulus alloys from an xc90 will clear brembo's on an S60r. cheers.
  8. I've just noticed yours is a D5, can anyone clarify if the hose is the same?
  9. I have an old one from my S60r, it's yours if you'd like.
  10. PTC valve or Positive Temperature Coefficient valve
  11. I'm having a problem getting the clip out from the fuel filter, a 5 minute job that's turned into a nightmare. I'm pushing the clips all the way in (as I did with the rear of the filter which has come out fine) and nothing is moving. I've had a friend pull on it as I press the clips in (my fingers are killing) and still nothing. Anyone got any tips and advice? The picture isn't of my car but it's the same clip/location. Cheers.
  12. I've searched the web and called FRF and still can't find a definitive answer. What is the correct fluid for a 2003 1.9 tdi? cheers.
  13. The white one?
  14. Errrr interesting but can you translate that into English for me please. I've not a clue what all that means.