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  1. Must be!
  2. Does that mean we will need to pay to be a member?
  3. Hi, does anyone know if camulus alloys from an xc90 will clear brembo's on an S60r. cheers.
  4. I've just noticed yours is a D5, can anyone clarify if the hose is the same?
  5. I have an old one from my S60r, it's yours if you'd like.
  6. PTC valve or Positive Temperature Coefficient valve
  7. I'm having a problem getting the clip out from the fuel filter, a 5 minute job that's turned into a nightmare. I'm pushing the clips all the way in (as I did with the rear of the filter which has come out fine) and nothing is moving. I've had a friend pull on it as I press the clips in (my fingers are killing) and still nothing. Anyone got any tips and advice? The picture isn't of my car but it's the same clip/location. Cheers.
  8. I've searched the web and called FRF and still can't find a definitive answer. What is the correct fluid for a 2003 1.9 tdi? cheers.
  9. The white one?
  10. Errrr interesting but can you translate that into English for me please. I've not a clue what all that means.
  11. Thanks for the replies gents. I've checked all the pipes, it was doing this before I changed them over. I've cleaned the maf this afternoon and I'm about to put it back in at some point this evening. I'll test drive the car tomorrow and pray that it's sorted. Failing that, it will be going to a professional next week. I'll update as soon as it's resolved. cheers.
  12. Unfortunately not.
  13. Soooo the car in question is Chris's old S60r 2.4 with an Owens development 19t turbo. My issue is I'm only getting 0.5 bar of boost instead of 1.4 bar. I can drive the car up the street with it boosting fine then all of a sudden it disappears. I can turn the car off and on again and it magically appears then can disappear at any time. I've been advised that it could of been the tcv, I've since changed that with no resolve to the issue. I've recently put a snabb cold air intake pipe on and noticed the maf is quite oily, could that be the issue? No codes via a generic code reader and nothing on the dash. Any ideas and advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  14. Thanks for the replies gents.