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  1. I only mentioned the Volvo related car wheels... Still have the ones for the Mini and the S2K I do have a property with a 65sqm garage, around 100 sqm as basement plus a few couple 100 sqm oustide space
  2. I don't have that many of the same model, but also adding up (I'll restrict to Volvo vehicles only): 4 BBS CK 007 19" 4 Pegasus anthracite 18" 4 Pegasus 17" 5 Volans 17" 4 Odysseus 18" 4 Comet C (7.5jx17") 4 Medea (18" S40/V50) 4 Adaro?? (17" S40/V50) 4 Heico Volution V 20" - XC90 4 ETA Beta Tettsuv (20" - xc90)
  3. so most parts have been bought already: bumper, wing, sensor and headlight (from a LHD car as it's even better) What's missing we'll source locally as it's more cost effective. Thank you all that helped!
  4. meh... not so easy to source methanol outside of the uk.... (you need a licence and so on... )
  5. yeap I ended up buying that exact kit... now the trouble is sourcing the WM....
  6. all fine in my S60R don't worry This is for a pre-facelift R from a friend
  7. Hi folks, I'm searching for the following parts for a S60R (pre-facelift if that makes a difference): drivers side wing + fender liner + bumper bracket drivers headlight front bumper complete with fogs and grilles windshield washer bottle chassis sensor for the drivers side front If you have any or all of the parts, please send me a PM.
  8. Hi Folks, Need some guidance on which of the AEM WM kit is the right one for the S60R, could some kind soul point me in the right direction? Thanks
  9. Count me in! Btw... Tim, did Andy ever get back to your text message?
  10. we should be more or less ready for the trip (car currently is in limp mode do to fueling / tune development...should be ready tomorrow!)
  11. yeap I'm going to the Ring at the end of the month. I'll send you a PM
  12. Also, anyone has a set of S60R/V70R brake dust shields? Could use a full set
  13. Anyone has a set of k24 water / oil pipes? Thanks, Manuel
  14. We're joining for the weekend (Sep30 to Oct2) Staying in Adenau. See you soon! PS: Don't "kill" me if I end up taking the Mini JCW instead of the S60R (not sure if it's going to be ready on time). Or I'll just take the XC90 V8 for the fun of it