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  1. If I'm not working away, I will be there with the club stickers
  2. Still here :-) I have internal and external stickers. Just pay postage for a large envelope (y)
  3. Yes, PM me (y)
  4. Send one to me so i can measure it and i can make as many as you want
  5. Just the price of the postage snooky I have quite a few left of both types.
  6. Fix the multiple issues on the R or break it???

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. D5Kerry


      Bought it luck it unfortunately :-( not sure how the previous owner managed to kill the box in less than 60k

    3. tingy


      Describe the not changing issue? My auto box had a not changing issue with around 30k on it. Start a thread with all the faults its got it may not be a scrapper yet

    4. D5Kerry


      Its worth more in spares. I will swap the interior over with mine first then advertise it

  7. How the fu** is he still in business
  8. Where is the car?
  9. How did they end up I Spain ?
  10. The stickers are available. Lord B started then i took over
  11. City link, or should that be shitty link. They delivered a box of vinyl that looks like it has had a lorry driven over it.

    1. Exocet


      Received what should have been a packet of set screws yesterday, again packet looked like it had been driven over, and there wasn't a set screw to be seen. That was our lovely Royal Mail.

    2. Rufe


      I use Interlink these days after all the hassle I had with City Link. Then made the massive mistake of trying Yodel (Do not bother!) Interlink proving a great success in fairness.

    3. D5Kerry


      Interlink bought out the replacement parcel. Wish they would use them all the time. I haven't had one order correct through citylink

  12. To gas or not to gas???