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  1. Yes, PM me (y)
  2. Send one to me so i can measure it and i can make as many as you want
  3. Just the price of the postage snooky I have quite a few left of both types.
  4. I had to buy a base for my mama's and papa's car seat. This allowed the seat belt to fit, although there was not much belt left when clipped in
  5. What make baby seat are you trying to fit?
  6. I can see how this will end But in the mean time i will get some
  7. How the fu** is he still in business
  8. Any plans to do the 2.0T?
  9. Where is the car?
  10. How did they end up I Spain ?
  11. The stickers are available. Lord B started then i took over
  12. Let me know if you want a custom badge for it