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  1. Give the ICV a go first and see how that goes
  2. I had this issue for a very long time on my T4. I would be driving and it would boost up to 1.35bar (mapped and exhaust etc) then occasionally it would have no power and peak boost was 0.5bar - A simple restart of the car sorted it. It took ages to fault find, as the car kicked up no codes. I replaced the ICV, TCV, MAF, MAP, VVT solenoid, VVT pulley even had a brand new turbo (not due to that fault though). In the end it was the lambda sensor (pre CAT) that was causing the issue on mine. It got very bad after a few months and limited boost happened a lot more, then one day I started it up and it was stuttering all over the place with the EML on - It kicked up a code for the lambda sensor - Replaced that and had months without it ever happening again. Do you get uneven idle after it limits boost to 0.5bar? I used to be able to recreate the issue after rolling down a hill with no throttle for a while, come back on the throttle and it had limited boost. EDIT: Give the ICV a clean/replace with a second hand part. It's another simple thing to rule out.
  3. Hi Alex, What MPG are you currently getting? You'll never get dirty diesel MPG from the T4 but if driven carefully they're surprisingly good. Driven carefully on the motorway without too much effort I often see 34-36mpg, if you're really careful you can get higher. - Driving like a nun with a feather food I've seen just shy of 40 before! I met up with Alex (Gatos) and James (Spetsnaz) from VOC last weekend, shame you weren't about, you're not too far so if you're ever around Southampton way ping me a message
  4. The front looks quite nice, though it looks just like the Mondeo The rear is just awful IMO, looks like a stretched out citroen c4 grand picasso No doubt the interior will be very nice, if it's anything like the XC90. With over 110 computer modules on board it'll no doubt be a royal PITA when it gets out of warranty and things start going wrong Just noticed the size of the bonnet? The thing looks massive?!
  5. The mods have been rather 'click' happy over there recently. A lot of long term members dropping off the radar.
  6. Not saying this is your problem but mine made pretty much that exact sound and it was my turbo on its way out. Does it make the noise when revving at idle?
  7. Bloody everything was done to that T4. Google "370bhp S40 T4 for sale" for the mod list - It was a thing of beauty!
  8. You did well to get £250 out of them - I expect most places wouldn't have given a toss and left it as your problem.
  9. Yep, biggest difference was turbo spool up time and increased torque. I've got Ashoks old Ferrita CAT in there too which has helped things along a bit as well
  10. It took less than a week IIRC.
  11. Got there with it in the end. Tim had a boss welded onto it for the MAP sensor and fitted it for me - Car picks up better with it so seems to be doing its job.
  12. Hi Andy, What's your power target? There is quite a bit you can do to them but as said above, Ashoks the guy to talk to when it comes to these. I've done a bit on mine if you fancy a read - It's got a fair way to go yet though! You've have Mo's old T4? Which one?
  13. Oh dear - I think it's time to put the second silencer back on. I was filling up at Shell during my lunch break and when I started the car, a rather rough looking teen in a ridiculous looking slammed 1.0 litre Corsa C gave me a thumbs up and nod of approval. It's a bit too noisy for me anyway I think
  14. What's the replacement going to be? Do you know yet? GLWTS!
  15. I made a guide a few weeks back on VOC - Just follow that. There's a link to the VM image too.