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  1. Kinda struggled for a title there without it reading like an essay. Anyway, soon I'll be getting the clutch changed on the D5, and given I've little intention of dropping the box or subframe again I'm doing other jobs while I'm there (I say "I" but really this will be kings of westbury). They are doing the core plug, various seals and what nots Tony advised. However, I was wondering what else might be worth doing while the box is off and they are in the area. For example, I was thinking of a new lower torque mount on the gearbox, and some of those subframe bush inserts, just to refresh and tighten things up. I know the vac engine mounts need doing, so is this a good time with improved access? Is there anything else that you might recommend? the cars on 180,000 miles (mostly motorway) but it's due some tlc. Many thanks,
  2. All sorted now ta
  3. Can you check the bins? Lemme have another scour on the bay, thanks for the tip.
  4. As per title, I'm after some 305 carriers to upgrade the front brakes on my s60. Many thanks,