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  1. rears done: such beauty
  2. It would have to be a Challenger to be a bit more "vanishing point" though
  3. Maybe You could measure the dimensions of the bracket, so we can DIourselves too ? Believe I could get this done for like 150€ w/o rotors and pads
  4. I would be really, really greatful if anyone told me (or asked around or whatever) what springs to use with these shocks... Original Volvo set had number 9451 350-4 But I cannot find what are the PNs of front and rear shocks included in this set, are those regular C70 shocks ? Thanks in advance for any information, You would really help me a lot ! Or if You knew who or where could I ask for it, it´d be a great help ! Thanks Kriss
  5. I figured it would be a problem if I just blanked it off. That´s why I made the screw hollow. What I made looks like the third thingy under the large picture. Good to hear it would not be a problem having a bit smaller dia hole...Thanks for help Tim
  6. Hey guys, today, I was after old clasps in my engine, trying to replace those with new ones. Of course I fucked up... When I got to this hose that leads from the water coolant radiator back to the coolant tank reservoir, the plastic pin that the hose is fit on, just snapped and the coolant started leaking I drilled a hole to the plastic, made a thread and put a M8 screw (drilled inside to make a suitable cavity) in there. The final diameter of inner hole on the screw is a bit smaller, than it was on the pin that snapped (say 1/4 or less, barely noticeable) then I attached the hose to that pin and assembled it together(with that shiny new clasp), no leaks so far . Can You tell me how much of a problem that is ? Is that a bit smaller diameter on that pin gonna cause me much trouble ? Can anyone explain to me, what does this part of cooling system do ? I know it returns the coolant back in the tanks, thats all. Thanks, Kriss
  7. Nope, I´m getting help from the guy from nearby motorsport team called Krenek motorsport. Cool guy and always helpful ! Alone, I wouldn´t be able to get necessary parts etc. They got contact directly from Sweden, who can help alot.
  8. some new pics, I havent got much time to put info, but fronts are rebuildable, gonna use sanding and paint because inside is too good to be soaked in acid, rears are gonna get sanded zync galvanized. There are problem with rear top "caps" that seat in the upper mount, because AWD is of a dome shape and FWD is standard flat, gonna have to realize how to make it fit. Also don´t know part numbers of springs to use, I know Volvo sold the spring kits but they dont anymore. There were also some lowering kits from TME and I found that Öhlins use Lesjöfors springs for their sets. So much for todays quick info, have a look @ some nice photos:
  9. Thanks for Your kind words guys. "Luckily" Dalibor had no family other than his mother (AFAIK) but he´s a huge loss for me personally and our whole Volvo community. Was always a pleasure being around this great man.
  10. Hey fellas, it terribly saddens me to do so, but I feel like I have to let you know. User "dali" has met the end of his days in a fatal accident this weekend. I know he had few friends around here and many other people he was in contact with. this is a page from local news may he rest in peace
  11. By the way the length info might be a bit flawed, because we haven´t yet been able to identify whether it is only "FWD" / "AWD" version having impact on the length/stroke or if the "R" version also has a special length. AFAIK AWD+R (at least V70) has lesser stroke/length than 850/S70/C70. If I find out I have the shorter set, I might try and make up for the additional length with the custom made end eye. God knows what that would do with the car handling though
  12. I will definitely do my best to make them fit, even if I have to have them made from scratch. Eye ends are dead as they stand now anyway, one is as you see and the other one is also kind of grinded. I´m pretty confident that the length is the same for FWD and AWD. Though if this set is S70R AWD version, they might be shorter, as V70R are shorter than 850/S70AWD/C70 ones. That´s also why I need the identification number. I´m going to take measurements early next week and compare it to the information I was able to get. Will post here l8er.
  13. The end-eye (what you refer to as a ring/hoop) is a standard spare part offered by Öhlins and luckily still availible, it should also be the same as the nivomats eye-ends, so I could probably use those aswell. Thanks for info on a fitment, I have an information about attachment, but unconfirmed, so won´t mention here until I find out how the actual Öhlins fit on a car. Regarding the springs, as Urban Tiger posted, You can find original springs supplied by Volvo there, other I found on the internet was that You can fit TME springs with the Öhlins iirc. KW with their V2/3 might be at a distance compared to Öhlins (settings, etc), but the original Race & Track equipment is still fckin hot and stylish to own on a daily driven car imo. Thanks for all the information You provided, I appreciate it! I´ve got this Catalogue, but thanks for pointing out there are also the brackets, which I have completely missed. By the way, if any of You know someone who knows, or You know yourselves about where I could find something like Öhlins production /identification number on these shocks I would be really, really greatful, because I´ve been told its the single most essential thing to know about older shocks, before doing anything else. Just to get the facts straight, these are S70 AWD shocks, so if You own a set and know the number, it´s most likely the same as mine and I could really use this information. Thank You all who replied to help Kriss
  14. By the way, can anyone say if the rears (those are AWD) would fit the FWD car ? Much information as I got was that they are a bit shorter and got different attachment to the vehicle. If they were shorter, are there any serious problems having them installed in the vehicle ?
  15. Great thanks ! Sure can wait... It´s not corroded through, though the surface rust is rather major.