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  1. No one issue first time I started it with the new ecu, car runs awesome, always does
  2. No mine never had an issue outside of the initial startup
  3. Good to know, would tightening or loosening the stop make it less reliant on the IACV?
  4. So after driving the car the ABS light turned off, there are no codes, car runs great the only thing that doesn't work is my outside temp prob because the ecu is calibrated for Celsius and my sensor is for Fahrenheit which is the least of my concerns considering I've had a CEL for 3 years
  5. So I let the car sit over night, started it this morning and decided to try idling it with my foot for a bit, let it get warm and eventually it held idle on its own, revved normally, no codes. I shut it off and put the interior back together and am gonna test drive it now
  6. So I just swapped in my new ECU set, car starts but won't idle, ABS light is on and initially it threw P0130 bank 1 sensor 1 P0171 bank 1 too lean P102 Mass air flow circuit A low input I cleared the codes and checked all my hoses, nothing loose or broken, started it 3 more times, I can keep it idling with my foot on the throttle but as soon as I let up the RPMs fall and the car dies. CEL hasn't turned back on yet though. Any one have any ideas it suggestions???
  7. Like I said for all I know the immo, keys and ecu didn't come from the same car I can't verify it as I bought from the UK, just trust the seller
  8. Yea all of them are allegedly from the same car, on phase 2s you also need to swap the unit under the radio, this unit controls the door locks, this also supposedly came from the same car however it doesn't work to activate the alarm so it's either not from the same car as everything else or it is broken, in either case it's useless to me
  9. Put fresh batteries in the fobs, they still do nothing when pressed, it also seems the alarm is not working at all because if I lock the doors via the switch, the anti theft light doesn't come on, does this mean the unit below the radio is no good?
  10. So I got the lock alarm ecu(one below the radio) and swapped everything back over and still the immo light flashes and no start. swapped the fob receiver in(above the gauges) and it wouldn't lock or unlock the car. I was trying to do the Immobilizer reset by locking and unlocking the doors several times. I'm going to replace the batteries in the fob and try again. my only other idea is swapping the Immobilizer antenna ring from my original set as I know it is good and it's the only other uncoded part in the equation. Any other suggestions?
  11. It's under the gear shift and is the computer that is between the immo and ecu
  12. Yea swapped all that, found out the problem is there's one more unit under the center console, contacted the seller he's looking for it and is going to ship it out
  13. Ok so I swapped the ecu, Immobilizer, ignition column and door lock and the Immobilizer light is flashing and I can't start the car, any ideas???
  14. Sweet cheers mates!!!
  15. Tim one question for you: I noticed in VIDA that the CEM needs to be removed to access the Immobilizer, it makes a point of reading the CEMwith DICE first? Am I going to lose my CEM functions once I reconnect it? I don't actually have a DICE unit so I'd need to bring the car to someone after if that was the case. Also wondering if I could just unbolt it and move it out of the way without disconnecting the harness to get to the immo?