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  1. I installed my subwoofer nad now I need to go to volvo and by an aplication to it but beefore I go, can somebody tell my did I instaled the violet cable properly? It should be in D2 position in my car. Can somebody tell me is it right on the picture?
  2. I have2004 v70 I bought subwoofer, but I need software. will they help me?
  3. Do you have subwoofer in it?
  4. I will take a photo of my boot and show to you ok, and you will tell me what else I need. I think I saw some instalation in there.
  5. Anyone have it? Wysłane z mojego iPhone przez Tapatalk
  6. I am looking for v70 D5 in manual from 2003 to 2005 163bhp engine. If somebody have good well maintained car with service history and profs of servicing I am ready to come, check and buy it. Please send me photos including inerior, exterior and engine. I am open to offers.