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  1. Me please Ashok Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  2. Ok, I suck back on the ferrita... I believe it may be a 100 cell. I also don't have the budget for Tim's intercooler unfortunately
  3. I'm getting my car ready for remapping, I've already fitted a ferrita 200 cell downpipe and custom exhaust and vxr injectors should be on their way, it's the intercooler situation that has me vexed. I picked up a second hand Airtec intercooler that came off a s60 2.0t. Looking at it, it looks like he had it piped in series with the standard intercooler. Does this sound like a good thing to do? Anyone have one fitted to theirs? Or am I better off with a different solution?
  4. I used a local garage for an mot on my landrover. When I popped back later the tester told me it had failed with a power steering leak.... I replied that it hadn't, he said it has... I then lifted the bonnet and pointed out that it didn't have power steering! Ah he said!
  5. Tonight the wife asked me "when are you off to Nurburgring? " I'm taking that as my permission slip!
  6. Would be interested to see how you get on with this, I have pretty much the same problem ... My T5 sometimes coughs when accelerating at around 80 on the motorway and I get very similar codes. Seems it only does it below quarter tank and as I don't do many motorway miles, I've only experienced it around 3 times. I've changed the fuel filter as the first step and waiting to see if it happens again.
  7. Just found this!
  8. A friend bought a Ferrari 550 about 8 years ago for 45k and just had it valued at 120k.....apparently prices have plenty of scope to go further as Ferrari won't be making normally aspirated engines any more.
  9. I've just put brembo pads on my V70 ex plod and I'm quite impressed. ... only 35 quid...
  10. I think you've just been educated by the best, an angry Scotsman!
  11. I have BC coilovers on my V70 T5 on recommendation from a lot of people and I can't fault them.
  12. Not anymore Tim, I think that's what fixed mine at the track!
  13. Thanks Andy, I'll check it out....
  14. Ok, I managed to pop my intercooler pipe at Castle Combe..... I am aware they are a weak point so shall be looking at a silicone hose kit. My question is which one? (Due to my wife wanting to go to new York for her birthday, I'm on a budget! )