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  1. Shem gave my mat away so i wouldn't want to post up someone elses mat lol But nice mat lol
  2. Bridgestone Potenza RE050A are £146 each and on par with Michelin pilot sports 2
  3. On Camskill the AD08 are £135 each, also Yokohama AS01 S drive for £120 each these are a much more road focused tyre and quite good in the wet, Continental sport contact 5 £112 each (not used them but heard good things) are supposed to be a good tyre. I have used KU39 £74 each which are epic for the price in the dry but come the rain and you will need to start carrying toilet rolls with you. The AS01 will out perform the AD08 in the wet I know this! but the on a hot day the AD08 will leave the AS01 miles behind. Failing that I think I might still have 2 Federal RSR's at Tims new? unless he has sold them? you can have them FOC as they are not on any wheels and just to get you buy till to do choose? 235/40/17 is a dying size these days and will be phased out for road but not track! Cheers Greg
  4. Yep they are £121 each on Oponeo Hold on I made a boo boo there they are 18's I will keep searching
  5. You should still be able to get Michelin pilot sport 2 or Goodyear F1's in 235/40/17, I will have a look for you
  6. A 235/40/17 will rub through the bumper and arch liner if the wing has been damaged and not repaired properly and will continue to do so till it is fixed correctly
  7. Nice one Nick All the best mate and if your ever down Snetterton there is always a Bed 20 mins from the track if you want a decent nights sleep before or after racing. Cheers Greg
  8. The 2 sensors that are missing according to Haynes are knock sensors Thanks Greg
  9. Hi Tim Yes it has the same ABS as mine and is on a P plate if that helps? Thanks Greg
  10. Hi Tim I am not sure which parts are missing? who ever took the loom did as shinsplintz said, they cut just under the ECU box. The wiring to the injectors, MAF, coil and all engine sensors seem to be missing there are even 2 sensors missing from the front of the engine and we are not sure what they are? I will be going round tomorrow with the the Haynes manual for a closer look? there is still a bunch of wiring that goes through the bulk head that hasn't been touched by the look of it. Thanks Greg
  11. If the oil pan is has no coolant pipes to the back a that would be great, Not so sure if the loom is the same though? are you getting confused with ME7 as I have not heard of ME4.4 it normally Motronic 4.3 or 4.4. If you could have a look and get back to me that would be great thanks. Cheers Greg
  12. Lol Jonny already has to many tuned and modified cars. His Black T reg RS2000 that I went with him to buy back in 1989 lol, a Cosworth, a 38 ford 3 window coupe, Old corvette, old 2 window F150, AE86 Corolla, Lotus Esprit 2.2, M3 track car, 4x4 shogun for off roading they are all modified heavily lol he just wants to get it running in standard form I did mention a 2.4 to him and he said that would lead to mapping and other things lol and he is right lol Jonny hates technology I gave him a phone years ago and he is still using it now a C905 Sony Ericsson so chances of him doing a thread are zero The sump was still attached to the engine just a fist size hole in the bottom of it he already has another sub frame for it, the engine turned over fine so it has not seized!
  13. Hi I require some parts for a friends 850 T5 he has just bough it from a scrap yard it had sat tucked away for a few years, it looks it's been through hell but he loves fixing up cars if anyone knows where we can get hold of the following for a P reg 850 T5 T5 Engine loom & 850 sump please. I looked like who ever own it before had driven it over something and smashed the sump quite literally and the loom was just missing obviously when i sat in the scrap yard someone has had it? Thanks Greg
  14. Hello & Welcome The S/V40 is a fast car when tuned a few members on here have had great results from them. It just all comes down to money! I am not sure what the standard internals can take but if your looking to fit a bigger Turbo then forged rods would be the way forward that way you don't have to worry about a boost spike bending a rod if a hose blows off. Pyaap, Mo and Alex are the S/V40 tuning kings on here and will no doubt post at some point with advise. I once went in Pyaaps V40 which was fitted with a larger Garrett turbo and it was a seriously quick car. Mo used a kkk24 Turbo when he did his build and got about 370Bhp and it had some serious mid range pull. One thing I would recommend with big power in these cars is a differential they totally transform the handling.
  15. Ok My friend has just left after visiting this morning and he thinks most of the extra power is down to the ECU being able to adapt the parameters in real time when it reads the meth. He said that his EGT temps are at least 100 degrees lower than normal when giving it big licks. But like Tim says all engines react differently!