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  1. 2006 S60 steering wheel, standard black leather. Unmarked condition from a 56 reg car with 43k miles. Stereo buttons and blank buttons fitted, although the blanks are a straight swap for cruise buttons as the wiring/plug is fitted to the spring plate as standard. I only bought it for the airbag. £20.00 plus post. May possibly have a perfect condition 2006 S60 sport wheel up for grabs soon as I've ended up with two. It'll have phone/nav controls with silver trim buttons. Let me know if you're interested.
  2. Phase one V70 R 2wd drivers side wishbone, genuine Volvo stamped part. Fitted to the car for 6 months. Changed by accident. Not something I'd normally offer on here, but my local garage (and myself) made a cock up and replaced both when I only needed the passenger side. D'oh. Will definitely be of use to someone I imagine. £30 free collection or plus post. Feel free to mock/laugh at my misfortune etc..
  3. Not sure. Sure the 316/320 callipers are the same.
  4. Yep! Tim did mine last week. Same hoses, just need standard XC90 discs and callipers..which are all the same. 302 vented i think.
  5. Pair of phase one V70/S70/C70 headlamp wiper motors, removed from a 2004 C70, complete with both plugs. Seals are all good. Working condition, newest possible secondhand parts. Might fit 850s I'm not sure. £20 plus post
  6. No, just drilling out the hub holes to 14mm. But unfortunately sold now.
  7. Hi chaps, Got a couple more bits up for grabs. Mint condition XC90 4 spoke steering wheel in black leather, no airbag or buttons, but the horn/internals are there. Completely mint condition from a 2011 car, as new. £20 2006 S60 airbag, black 3 spoke. Fits all S60s and some XC90s. Mint £15.00 Plus postage or free collection.
  8. Hi chaps, I'm swapping to XC90 336mm fronts and XC90 rear brakes within the month. So my existing 320mm setup will be up for grabs (I'll throw in the standard rear callipers too if the buyer wants them). This is for the callipers and carriers as removed, the discs have minimal life left and will go for scrap. Removed from a 2.4T5 with 79k on the clock, very good condition. Will be available in around 4 weeks. £150 posted, or welcome to collect as they're rather heavy!
  9. Pair of mint condition 2006-8 S60, 2008-12 XC90 facelift sport buttons with the silver trim. Straight swap into all steering wheels with these buttons from earlier cars, so all P2 S60, and V70R steering wheels aswell. Nice easy upgrade. Standard controls with cruise, no phone. £35 posted
  10. Has anyone had their steering wheel re trimmed on here? I've acquired a knackered 2008 S60 sport wheel, but Royal steering wheels have refused to do it because 'It's too complicated', fair enough. Just wondering if anyone on here knows any other companies that are good. (or has a wheel that isn't knackered) lol
  11. Bump
  12. Any chance of contacting said friend with lights would be much appreciated ?

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    2. siggi


      Always limited - especially as Tim Williams is about to do a head gasket for me - Dunno what to offer really - Would love it to only cost £100 but imagine it will be more. If you could ask for me ...


    3. T5ABC


      He wanted £350, but one of the lenses had gone so I said no! To be brutally honest id buy them in bits from volvo to spread the cost. They're all getting tired now so unless theyre a bargain it's not worth it. £60 indicators and £180 headlamps from FRF with discount. Each.. 


    4. siggi


      Ok thanks for asking ...I will keep looking


  13. They work, worth every penny. Secondhand will usually be knackered. New they're £190 per lamp, and £65 per indicator. I may have a friend with a full used set in decent condition..