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  1. Just a heads up, I recently called FRF for a drivers convex mirror glass for my 2006 V70 as it'd caught the dreaded volvo plague of the glass debonding from the backing plate, and when I checked the passenger side I found that to be substantially the same way too. So.. genuine volvo glass is £85, £68 something with discount plus post. Which has gone up by £20 since the last time I bought one. So after a bit of searching through cheap fakes I came across these on eBay, they've arrived this morning and are, from the best I can tell, the exact same product from the same UK factory just without the volvo branding, in fact you can see where the volvo name has been removed on a tooling slide or similar. Only £14 each with free postage. A massive saving of over £100 on the discounted price for a pair, nothing against FRF as they're great, but why volvo think it's ok to slap a £70+ profit on them I don't know. Remember these guys selling at £14 are making a profit too. Item number 221870604269 and 221882029065. Couldn't work out how to add a proper link but I think they work. Seller is called 4a.parts and the exact price is £13.99. Hope this saves some folks a fortune..
  2. Genuine unused drivers side mirror glass for V70 S60 2004-8. £35 posted.
  3. £200
  4. £250 for quick sale
  5. Complete and ready to go Superflex top engine mount for petrol p2 cars, V70/S60. This was a new original style round mount, which I've fitted the latest Superflex 'anti vibration' purple bushing into. Ready to bolt on, assembled with the supplied grease. Now surplus, this is a spare. Really nice clean condition. The round mounts are now obsolete from Volvo and these bushings will only fit round mounts. £45 plus post or free collection
  6. Just beat my current renewal from Esure by £266 by going with greenlight for the 2.4T5. Free mods aswell, just declare them. Brilliant.
  7. Got one, thanks Tim
  8. Anyone got a decent condition D5 oil cooler from a P2? Not sure weather to buy new or not, recommendation from Tim as an upgrade for the 2.4T5..so I'm doing it. Alex
  9. 2006 S60 steering wheel, standard black leather. Unmarked condition from a 56 reg car with 43k miles. Stereo buttons and blank buttons fitted, although the blanks are a straight swap for cruise buttons as the wiring/plug is fitted to the spring plate as standard. I only bought it for the airbag. £20.00 plus post. May possibly have a perfect condition 2006 S60 sport wheel up for grabs soon as I've ended up with two. It'll have phone/nav controls with silver trim buttons. Let me know if you're interested.
  10. Phase one V70 R 2wd drivers side wishbone, genuine Volvo stamped part. Fitted to the car for 6 months. Changed by accident. Not something I'd normally offer on here, but my local garage (and myself) made a cock up and replaced both when I only needed the passenger side. D'oh. Will definitely be of use to someone I imagine. £30 free collection or plus post. Feel free to mock/laugh at my misfortune etc..
  11. Not sure. Sure the 316/320 callipers are the same.
  12. Yep! Tim did mine last week. Same hoses, just need standard XC90 discs and callipers..which are all the same. 302 vented i think.