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  1. Cheers Lee, I did get all four springs changed - didn't see the point in only changing one. I also had the spring seat and other upper bits changed. Figured that anything that was above the springs and shocks should be changed whole they were out. All the lower kit was fine and so I've left it as is for now. It wouldn't have saved anything in labour having it changed at the same time so I'll have the lower bits changed as and when they fail.
  2. Morning All, A little update on this and a question too. Car goes in for suspension work tomorrow and I'm getting the ECU & TCM software updated to the latest versions whilst in. No idea if the latest version is already on there but the car hasn't seen a main dealer since it was 3 years old and I've never requested updates from my local indy so there's a possibility that updates are available. I've got my little XP laptop sorted and ready to go. MTE software stuff is on there waiting to take readings just as soon as I've had the ECU & TCM updates done. Now, looking at the vehicle ID section of the logging software there's the option to request Stage 1 or 2 (I'll be going for stage 2 given that I'll be getting a new DP and CAT soon enough) but there's also the option to remove the Torque Limiter. IS removing the Torque Limiter going to kill my Geartronic? It's on 124k and has just had an ATF change. The garage said it was quite dark but is far from the worst they've seen. The way I see it, the limiter must be there for a reason. Surely, if the car could handle it, Volvo wouldn't have limited it? Is there actually any point in removing it anyway? It's easy enough to spin the wheels with the torque limited so surely removing the limiter will just result in more wheelspin? Having said that, I quite like the idea of having the availability of the full power of the engine. And I guess the torque put through the gearbox can be controlled by your right foot. That's probably a lot easier said than done though with the temptation to jab the throttle that bit harder. Or am I missing the point entirely? All thoughts, comments and advice welcome.
  3. Can't tell you what a MTE remap is like yet - I've ordered it and received my softloader (ordered and paid Friday night - softloader arrived this morning - how good is that!) but I need to get my ECU software updated first and that won't be for another week or so. I want to be 100% sure it's on the latest versions for the engine and gearbox since its that software that will be recalibrated so although I can't wait to get it mapped, I'd rather wait. You can email Don. He's always got back to me quite quickly. However, he's also available on the phone and is insanely knowledgable so it's worth giving him a call if you've any questions. From what people have said too, MTE is the best of the bunch when it comes to "non custom" maps. http://kalmar-union.com/contacts/ His service is brilliant. I ordered a Ferrita Stainless Exhaust and that too arrived next day. If you've a wee bit of spare cash then it's well worth splashing out on the exhaust. There's a subtle increase in sound but it's not too imposing in the cabin. I'll be going for the downpipe and sports cat too at some point so I'll be going for the stage 2 map.
  4. I think it's Windows XP isn't it? Having said that, there are some who can run Windows 7 in XP mode I think. I've managed to find a little Windows XP computer that I used to have. Only problem is the screen doesn't work so I need to connect it to another screen to see what I'm doing. Once I've figured that out I should hopefully be able to do the rest. Anyway, I'm based near Chester so once I've managed to jumble together a computer that will do the business you're more than welcome to come over and use it to take your initial readings and subsequently upload your calibrations.
  5. Standard springs arrived the other day. Brilliant service from FRF and great prices too, Just waiting on the Bilstein B6 shocks from PFS. Equally good service. They're a non stock item so PFS have to wait for their delivery before they can send to me. As it happens, I may be down that way this coming week so may be able to drop in a pick them up anyway.
  6. Morning All, Ferrita exhaust arrived the next day after ordering! All fitted and looking lovely. It's not boomy or intrusive in terms of sound either which I'm pleased about. I was tempted to get the downpipe and sports cat too but given what I'm spending on the car at the moment I couldn't justify it. I'll get that in the future though assuming I have no major expense on the car after all this work. MTE remap is all ordered and paid for. Just waiting to hear back from Don. I have to say, you're all correct about the great service he provides. Others have said he can be hard to get hold of though but ai've not found this at all. Received new TCV this week and will fit that this weekend. Don also advised to ensure the car has the latest software on. Car will be going in for suspension work over the next few days hopefully so I'll be getting the latest updates put on there at the same time. Looking forward to seeing what difference the remap makes.
  7. I've got a Grom too and its alright but has its faults. The biggest irritation is the way it cuts a call off when in reverse and the rear sensors detec an obstruction. Perhaps I installed it wrong or something. Likewise, it's alright for streaming music. Interesting thread over on a certain owners club forum. Shan't link to it incase it's not allowed. There's a guy who's produced a module to replace the SIM module on the P2 cars when turn the phone into a Bluetooth phone and retains use of the keypad and steering wheel controls. I've also ordered some kit from volvotech which includes Bluetooth connections so ultimately the Grom will be coming out and will be getting replaced with the volvotech kit.
  8. Brilliant, thank you. New TCV ordered from FRF along with springs all round and top mounts for the front. Should be here Wednesday so I'll fit, or try to fit, the TCV at the weekend. Ferrita exhaust ordered from Don today too. Not sure when that'll arrive but when it does I'll be getting it fitted pronto. MTE remap will be ordered just as soon as I get confirmation from the garage that the ATF that comes out of the gearbox when it's flushed isn't indicative of a box likely to fail any time soon.
  9. Awesome, thanks for that. Can see it tucked down out of the way - looks like a scraped knuckles job. I may get the garage to do it while it's in to save me the the frustration. Might be worth getting the hoses changed at the same time too. Thanks again.
  10. Hi Tim, What's one of them, where can I get one and how much do they cost? Are we talking original parts or is this an uprated bit of kit? I'm sure it'll be a big improvement - I've just got no idea what to expect. I'm also worried that my auto box will either break or just not make the improvements obvious. We'll see though - it should only be a couple of weeks before it's done.
  11. Cheers all, I think I'm all but sold on the Bilstein B6's with genuine springs. I think anyway. Parts for Volvo do the B6's @ £549 for the four corners. FRF can supply genuine shocks for a bit less but I'm thinking I'd like to try something different. ECP do Sachs shocks for considerably less than the genuine Volvo parts and I believe Sachs are OEM. I can't help but wonder why there's such a big difference in price though. So, B6's it is. Springs will be coming from FRF with a good discount over standard pricing. I've got one snapped spring and the temptation is to reuse the three unsnapped ones, replacing just the broken one. However, I think that could be a false economy with a labour bill in the future to replace further failed springs. I think I'll buy new spring seats too but other than that the garage have advised to not worry about any other parts just yet. If anything is worn out they'll call me when replacing shocks and springs. Thanks again for the replies. I'm looking forward to a smoother, less bouncy and more compliant ride. I'll let you know how it goes.
  12. Thanks everyone for the replies. I've decided to go with MTE. To be fair, MTE was top of my list but I wanted to ask an unloaded question to see if there were any negatives coming back. To the guys recommending the custom maps - Thank you for the recommendations. However, I've never been mapped before and although the custom maps are probably awesome, I think I'd rather stick with something more mainstream. Something of a known quantity I guess. Thanks again all - I'll update with my findings when I've updated the car. Really not sure what to expect! Looking forward to it though!
  13. Thank you Gents, That kind of makes up my mind. I had in my head either MTE or BSR. I remember that RICA used to be the go to map, specifically from somewhere near Birmingham, but it seems that people are no longer happy with them. I also recall there used to be a lot or arguments and slanging matches between Don and the RICA suppliers. I met Don years ago at a rolling road session with my ex police 854 T5 and spent half an hour chatting to him. Seemed like a truly nice chap which surprised me given the forum fights that used to go on :-). Really knew his stuff too. BSR seems a lot less trouble - the PPC unit is sent, received, plugged in, map uploaded and away you go. It's then also reversible if necessary. However, it niggles that BSR seem to be quite generic - they have maps for loads of cars. MTE on the other hand seem to be a bit more specialist. What troubles me is the softloader thing. I'm sure it's very similar to the PPC but I need to do something with XP and connecting it up etc. I can turn a computer on and can creat spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. I can even use Microsoft Project. But ask me to install stuff or connect stuff and I'm lost! Oh, is the MTE map reversible?
  14. That's useful to know - the car is often used four up, with two dogs in the boot and a roof box. Sounds like the last thing I need to do is lower it! Anyone know if the B6's are any good with standard height springs?
  15. Haha, good question - kind of important information I missed out. The garage have advised that I don't have Nivomat and don't have the dynamic sports chassis. What ever that means. So I think I'm all standard on the suspension front. It's just about the only option box that wasn't ticked on the option sheet. Car is mainly used as a child, dog and bike bus. Wife will occasionally commute in it on the motorway but prefers her smaller V40. It no longer covers loads of miles - probably 6-8,000 a year. We've got a static caravan in Wales so plenty of country road journeys and an trip up to Scotland and one down to Cornwallis each year. It's the country road journeys I'd like to improve. The car corners terribly and ships across bumps. I'm sure any replacement setup will improve things but I'd like maximum results for my money.