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  1. Hi There, I am from Australia and need some advice and assistance. I have just come from a Renault Megane Sport (Manual) and have landed myself into a more family friendly 2010 V50 AWD T5 (AUTO!). There is a little bit of a gap in performance from my old car to the T5 so am looking to tune the car. I am looking at an Elevate tune as they seem to promise the most performance for the $ but am always very vary of these tuning claims. Has anyone had any experience with Elevate? Any one know of some tunes that are suited for Australian conditions? Also, I am missing the manual a little bit and am hopeful that there is a way to tune the gearbox? I wish there was a 6th cog there as it seems like the 5 are just too long for my liking. Is there any way to make it shift/respond better? Second last questions - I am after cheap ways of making the car sound beefier - has anyone removed a rear muffler/silencer from these before and replaced it with a straight through pipe? Does it sound good? I can't justify the 2k charge for a couple HP if all I'm after is the sound! Last questions - can someone please point out to me where the jack points are on the car (in particular the rear?) Thanks in advance all Joe