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  1. yeah, i have seen that too on different sites (///M Forum/Porsche etc...) and as you already said, we will never get the truth. For me, i will never understand, why a manufacturer try to cheat...yes, i know, they all cheat, just to show, they have the best car... All of this very fast lap times (918, Gumpert Apollo, GTR, whatever,...) didn´t provide a proper full report (only a video). When i know, i have designed/manufactured a very fast car, why ffs not make it official with a known or certified third party group with proper equipment? Provide them a protocol/check list with tyre pressure, wheel alignment, check of Engine ECU with a dyno, etc... Same with all the tests in the car magazines... for example...Test from some hot hatch´s, which one had semi slick tires on it or another test was in wet condition and oh wonder, the 4WD won...^^ Once i visited a dyno with about 8 or 9 F82 M4...nobody had 431HP...range was from 450 to around 490. Anyway, the Performante has a lot of features to be a very fast car and as written above, we will never ever know, if it was that fast...
  2. Big advantage of that car is not "only" more power and its reduced weight. The Performante has something called like active aerodynamic/aero vectoring, here some rumors (copied from another site): The Performante’s trump card, however, is its wild aero, dubbed Active Lamborghini Aerodynamics. Three electric motors operate two separate flaps in the front bumper and rear wing, which operate differently depending on which of the three drive modes is selected. In Strada, all four flaps open at 70km/h until 310km/h, at which point the front flaps close to reduce lift and maintain stability at v-max. In Sport, all four flaps again open at 70km/h, but close at 180km/h to maximise downforce for high-speed cornering until 310km/h, at which point the rear flap opens to again reduce drag like the DRS system on an F1 car. But it’s in Corsa where the system really shows its worth, with all four flaps operating independently depending on the Performante’s lateral and longitudinal requirements. For example, under braking all four flaps close to increase downforce and stability, however during cornering the rear outer flap opens to reduce the load on the heavily worked outer tyres while the rear inner flap remains closed, increasing the downforce on the inner wheels. Lamborghini calls it ‘aero vectoring’, simulating torque vectoring using the power of the air, as well as the ability to increase downforce under braking while reducing drag on the straights.
  3. Hello everybody! Just to give an idea, how much somebody paid for such models here in mid of Europe (prices are in € and mileage in km). 1998 LHD S70R manual with 190k km, full history and fresh paint --> 10k€ 1997 LHD S70R manual with 90k km, full history and fresh paint --> last offer was 15k€, owner want 18k 1995 LHD gul 850 T5R with 70k km, full history, very nice condition --> sold for 21k€ 1995 LHD gul 850 T5R with 190k km, full history, nice condition --> 10k€ 1996 LHD 850R with 9600km, owner wants 40k€ and i know somebody who wants to pay 25k€ a LHD gul 850 T5R manual with around 200k km, or even more, will not fall below 10k anymore. If that car from Gregs post, would be an LHD and in good condition, i know at least 3 people, who would pay a minimum of 15k €. I know...crazy...but that is currently the market...^^
  4. Merry Christmas to everyone! Enjoy the (hopefully) quiet days with your beloved ones and stay healthy! Found a gul coloured 850 T5R under the Xmas tree... Hope to join you gents next year at the Ring or when the car is at Tim for some mods. Cheers to everybody here in the small world of boxxy 5 bangers.
  5. new one...@7:22
  6. Thank you Tim, will do so!
  7. Redbrick i dont know exactly what you mean... I thought i bought a car from a Person who i can trust, with a setup, from a known Company. Is it not just normal to be a bit shocked? I dont know you, but i think nobody here won in the Lottery and all of US had worked hard for his money...like me...Took me ages to pay off my ex-wife... Anyway ...Hopefully Tim is correct with that, that my Boost readings are wrong, which make sense, as i drove already 11k km with that setup and according his thoughts, with my readings, that would not last that long. Sorry if my text was a bit Headless chicken and for the bad wording / english...
  8. OMG...Not joking, this is the setup i have...
  9. Thanks for your answers! @Tim So I should get a Standard S70R clutch? @Greg As i think i am right, please correct if i am wrong, i have Standard a 18T turbocharger...this thing is boosting 1,7 bar in my car...measured...no Boost Spikes or something else, going down to around 1,5 bar near redline. Is this correct, or should i go crazy? I am really thinking of organizing holidays and bringing the car to Tim for a proper setup...^^
  10. Hi Dali, sorry for my late response, forgot to answer... Thanks you for your help, i will keep an eye on it!
  11. as promised, even its worse and i really fucked it up... I did some really nice test runs with my friend the night before and was able to drive some 14,0-14,2, measured with a GtechPro (cant remember the exact model ~1 year old). To not rely only on one electronic plastic box, we have called a buddy, who is driving a Ford Focus RS. Most of the time i was a bit faster, we changed also cars, vise versa, he was really impressed about the old brick. So i was happy and thought, with a bit luck and good timing, i will maybe able to go under 14. Temperature at race day was great ~20°C, sunny and a bit windy. I had a look on the waiting line, not that much cars, so i took it for a ride. Was not the only one... For that reason, i stucked in there for 1 1/2 hours before i was able to race...organization is everything...^^ Shortly before race, i was in the burnout zone and yeah...not only the tires were smoking...i fucked up the clutch and was not able to go faster than 14,9@161... Conclusion/result: I had and still have a lot of fun with that beautiful car, material destroyed, mission accomplished...^^ Any ideas for a good clutch, which is also nice to drive in stop and go and can handle easily the power? Future plans for that car, will be something around stable 350-370HP. I have a contact to Sachs and they can manufacture stronger clutch on request...had good results in the past...Ok?
  12. Thx Dali! yes traction and my skill will be my main issue...^^ For sure, will post the results, even its worse one!
  13. Believe me or not, if i had the time, i would drive the 1.700km to castle comb! ^^ wedding, moving the flat and searching for my own DIY garage for the brick and the emma is killing my free time easily... Maybe on the Nordschleife, we will see. thx for posting and bringing up the events back into my head! Thx Greg! I would be happy to see some mid 14s, this is my goal, we will see. Need to get used to it again...Last time when i was on the dragstrip was ~10 years ago with my Nissan Primera P10 eGT...lovely and completly underestimated car
  14. Hello everybody, i know, here are some racers, maybe one of you can answer my following question. What time can i expect from my S70R with a Stage 3 BSR setup on the quarter mile? On coming weekend i will drive the beauty to the dragstrip, will post some pictures and maybe video (will see if i can get the GoPro from a friend). Many Thanks and cheers, Herbert
  15. Thank you Greg! I had a look on the suspension... BC BR Series...769 pounds which is ~1034€ KW variant 2...1549 € something like day and night...^^ My problem is, that i need to get the suspension approved and certified here in Austria... KW will be not a problem, but i need to check with BC, if they have any documents. Before i bought the car, a lot of links and arms, rubber parts, dampers have been renewed. All parts are Volvo genuine or from Bilstein etc...no no name aftermarket parts. Will check Powerflex, Energy Suspension and HD Meyle for the PU parts. Regarding the brakes i need to check the clearance with the winter wheel combination which are 16" wheels. What i know, the 320mm conversion only supports 17" wheels and for sure larger. For the summer i have the standard 17" Comets in a great condition. Maybe i am going also for 17" Titan wheels, so i can make the 320mm conversion. No need for me to going onto AP or Porsche/Brembo. Clutch and Flywheel will come also in future (next season) and need some research here from me. i think i need to open a project thread...^^ Thank you and cheers, Herbert