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  1. @s40rch yep, found a video from him from 2016 with a even faster 8:13 BTG and following in the description: Volvo 850 R Estate (Kombi) specs: 1330kg, 300ps/528Nm, KW V2, Michelin slicks 24/61/17
  2. Hello gents! didn´t found any new videos, but hope you had fun waching the other ones. Just found a channel with an modified (empty) red 850R wagon from netherlands on the ring. He did so far an 8:18 BTG and is nice to watch! Do you know, if he is here? https://www.youtube.com/user/nurburgringfan/videos Cheers, Herbert
  3. a bit different style...with music, playing around with Slowmo and showing impressions of green hell: 1:39 Tim with backfire slowmo
  4. @s70t5chris...sorry mate, on all videos i have posted, i didn´t see a white E63...but i will keep an eye on it! Sorry gents, had a business trip and could not check all the youtube channels, will continue in the next days! Thank you all for posting your own videos!!!very nice!!! Found another one: 1:29 Redbrick 2:03 Tim with backfire and afterwards again Tim
  5. last for "today" 4:08 IRF? 5:54 Redbrick
  6. fresh and still hot (uploaded a few minutes ago!) 2:22 White S60 from here?...right afterwards tingy wuth backfire! 7:22 Tim with slowmo backfire
  7. thank you tingy...I am here in the forum since a while, but normally only reading. I am often watch the videos from nordschleife, i love the track, so i know some channels... I did read, that a bunch of you is going into green hell, so i had to take a look!Amazing! Next time i need to join you gents...with the gul 850! another one: 6:36 white V70 II from here?if yes...Sir your fuel panel is open! ^^ 11:25 Tim 12:09 IRF? 15:10 gul 850 T5R SW 20:39 gul 850 T5R SW
  8. hahaha, found another channel... 7:05 Redbrick...oh Jesus...When a brick is louder than a Porsch!
  9. i can´t stop raving...i can´t stop raving...^^ 7:12 !!!5 banger in wrong car, got hunted from the real one...(Redbrick)
  10. another one...nice sounds 0:35 is that IRF in his Seat? 2:03 not bad sound for a Z20LEH engine (Vauxhall Astra VXR) 2:16 but nothing against this beast...whatever you have done Sir, i need this! (Redbrick) 7:02 for our Type R fans Around 7:30 the video was nearly over, when i went to the fridge for a drink, then i noticed this 5 banger noise... 7:45 s40rch in his lovely Saffron V70R
  11. Found another channel with one video showing Tim, nice to watch also the other cars, from different angle and nice drive by´s. 0:54 Tim driving at MAX attack on the exit! Are you hitting the limiter or the baguette? ^^
  12. Tim made it on one of the intro/title pages!!! Congratulations!!! 6:40 Tim with backfire bang slowmo 11:52 Tim with huge backfire slowmo 13:00 s40rch
  13. I had the same on my S70R with Torque App for whatever reason and panicked here like crazy. It was showing something like 1.9 bar. ... but to be on the safe side, get it checked as soon as possible! We found out after measuring, that it was not 1.9, but 1.5 at peak and 1.4 most of the time, which was also a bit too much for the standard 18T. On the other hand I found out, why the car was going like hell! ^^ After a few emails the car went back to the previous owner.
  14. another one from the 10th of May: 01:05 Tim with backfire slowmo 5:26 tingy hunting a Merc 11:40 Tim with backfire 12:01 tingy
  15. another one from the 10th of May: 4:18 Redbrick 6:12 Tim scared the cameraman...^^