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  1. If all else fails contact the wheelnutman. Had to use him once when time wasn't on my side for faffing about and the head was totally fooked.
  2. The ICM communicates with the rear parking module and the dashboard module and the amp module under the seat. A fiber optic ring break on any module will cause problems upstream of the break. If the ICM chip has corrupted or failed it will stop the use of the rear parking sensors and possible spurious phantom messages on the dash ie SRS , ABS failure etc. If the ICM chip is readable the data can be transferred to a donor unit. I used a guy called Lukas at to do this when mine failed. Note: if your ICM is corrupt you will need a replacement unit that will need coding to your car.
  3. Managed to trim the pipe back today and get rid of the mushy end were it connects to sensor so all seems ok for now. Cheers !!
  4. Yes that would be brilliant if the hose is the same. Let me know what you need for postage and I will send it by PayPal or whatever method is best. Appreciated! Thanks Mark
  5. Tingy / s60t5, Thanks for the reply, yes it does sit in the pipe that runs from the airbox to the turbo. I don't have an issue with it but the hose that comes off it (to crankcase) looks a bit mushy and needs replacement. Cheers
  6. Hi, Can anyone advise the purpose of this sensor please. V70 D5 2008 Regards Mark
  7. Maybe worth a shot if you are not keeping the car for too long, if you are keeping the car a pump exchange is fairly straight forward and no special tools required. If you need any guidance give me a shout. Cheers
  8. When mine failed I got an exchange re manufactured one from Andrew Page motor factors. No issues or problems. Think it was around 70 quid in 2014. I have never opened a pump up so I cant advise on repair.
  9. Oil is quite a subjective issue that tends to get people on there soap box on many forums, however lets stay with a couple of facts regarding "is Car Lube any good" 1. The Volvo recommended grade for a 2.4 D5 fitted with a DPF is: 0w 30 2. The spec of oil recommended by Volvo is A5/B5 (Low SAPs content to help DPF live longer) Carlube made by Tetrosyl is the largest independent producer of motor oils in the U.K. There are many fancy names with stunning looking containers out there with a high price tag to go with it, but they dont even have an oil refinery lol...My other choice in the absence of Carlube would be Shell 0w 30 but you can only buy it in 1 litre containers now and it works out dam expensive. After 16+ oil changes with Carlube I would say absolutely yes its good stuff...and my V70 gets flogged from Huddersfield to Teeside every weekend. Im no authority on oil but the above oil has served me well.
  10. Don't forget to use a Mann Filter
  11. Car Lube 0w30 A5/B5. Mine has done 198k on this oil. It's the correct grade as specified by Volvo and its produced by the UKs best refinary. Get it from Andrew page motor factors. Six litres is around 30 quid.
  12. Maybe the DPF blocked again and now stranded on a remote road in Chiang Mai ?
  13. The best option in my opinion, if you are keeping the car long term is to get it removed and deleted from the ECU. DPF,s stop your engine from breathing, and forced regens destroy turbos when held at high rpm against a blocked system ! . Many factors can lead to early failure of the dpf filter. If some your glow plugs are faulty the normal regen performed by your car will result in a poor soot burn off cycle. Is your swirl control arm broken? This too will lead to a poor or failed regen by your car. Using the right oil is one thing but dont ignore other factors. In the UK a visual check is made on the MOT for the presence of the DPF housing, so if you do remove the actual DPF filter ensure the housing/baffle is put back on the car and not just a straight piece of pipe that is blatantly obvious you have removed it. The laws in your country may vary.
  14. If you have a Picoscope or a friend who owns one its quite easy to diagnose, you dont need any fancy code readers. Simply back probe the sensor wires and check for a uniform looking pulse readout. See attached pics from my good and bad sensors attached. My front offside ring had split and was providing a bad signal to the ECU.
  15. I ran mine with this fault for a few weeks until I got a decent days weather to sort it, turned out to be the front off side reluctor ring that had corroded which was giving a poor signal to the abs sensor.