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  1. Large capacitors are used on high end installs with large subs, to enable large current draws for punchier bass without the risk of damaging the alternator. They're not too expensive.
  2. Is the standard fuel pressure regulator set at 3 bar? Is it regulated against boost pressure also so that it's always 3 bar above inlet pressure? I've already got the bosch green 448cc injectors and was thinking of getting a higher pressure regulator so that i don't run into any issues with the duty cycle. Was wondering if any other higher pressure regulators would be an easy swap, other than the dodge one? I'm looking for about 360 to 370 flywheel bhp but don't really want to run the injectors past about 80% duty cycle. If i can't up the fuel pressure, what's the part number and flow for the vxr injectors?
  3. Mint original early hot hatches all seem like a safe bet. Like Tim suggests, anything with you lusted after (and i'm still talking cars here) in your youth that was just out of reach, or maybe you had one and want to recapture your youth.
  4. Back when i was a student in '86 i looked at buying an Alfa giulietta sprint speciale, a 1959 model i think, the owner wanted £3.5k for it. It ran but was a bit ropey. It would have taken all my savings so i gave it a miss thinking i'd buy one a few years later. You can't get one now for love or money. It's well over £100k now. Eventually ended up with an Alfa 75. I've currently got an e34 3.8 M5 stuck in the garage, they seem to be going up now, probabaly due to the increasing value of all the earlier M cars. Hopefully one day it'll compensate for some of the money i've wasted on other cars.