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  1. £240 ish odd new when I purchased mine (exhaust cam)
  2. When I had my 94 Impreza the front brace did naff all, the rear one when eventually fitted made it feel sharper. I fitted a front one to a mk1 focus and that really made a difference, really turned in well, then fitted coilovers and it was terrible so removed it.
  3. Yeah it's the expensive one I'm after as the tone is supposed to be worth it, even if I will never need the flow it's capable of
  4. I have noticed this is now available from your website, is this the one that Tim raves about, or is it the cheaper of the 2 tme systems? If so are you planning to stock the modified one? Thanks
  5. I'd love a new shape Subaru sti, just not ever going to be able to justify £550 a year road tax compared to what I have now, I think I need to wait till the 2017 cars are 3+ years old and it falls down to £140 a year if I have read it right, i think in 5 to 10 years time there could be some great cars with very little tax duty, would be worth getting shot of the R then
  6. Is this the one by Ilkeston town football ground? Absolute stone throw from where I live
  7. Oh you ordered from TME direct? I wondered if you had brought from kalmar Union as don was supposed to be stocking these when the ferrita systems had gone.
  8. Are these on the website yet? And what's the cost looking like?
  9. Yes Tim went above and beyond as usual, after 200 odd miles on it still ran like crap, took it to him Tuesday evening, both inlet and exhaust cam were 30+ degrees out. An hour or two later and it was lovely and quiet on idle, and now runs better than ever, definitely changed my mind on the whole car, love it again.
  10. Glad you found one, was nice to meet you at tim's the other week
  11. Exhaust cam hub is currently £274.42 including postage from
  12. not one comment about the van with the brake light out........
  13. Is this just on for the bank holiday weekend or a little longer?????
  14. Hopefully I will get round to one of these after the intercooler
  15. Excellent, if I wasn't so anti fwd I would have been looking at st's with rs looks/power
  16. That would indeed be very gratefully received, i have been looking at stuff on ebay for months, i assume you got the set from Birmingham that was on, i was sort of watching hoping they would cut the cost if it didn't sell. There was one set on there last year for over 6 months, guy originally wanted £700 and in the end it was listed for £250 about a week before i got paid and was going to contact him again but they sold for that.
  17. What's happening with your other set? I'm currently looking for a half decent set to get rid on my cream interior on my R
  18. i'd be tempted to drain the tank and just check its clean first, mine got worse the less fuel in the car, as the crap wasn't floating as high, then if you can't see anything buy some new pumps? The garage charge of finding and fixing my fault came to £1000 by the time it had new fuel sender and pump, it wasn't until they decided to look at the pump till they found all the crap, that had blocked the pump up, and even then the tank needed a thorough clean
  19. It's a shame eBay buyers and sellers alike can't do most transactions like this. I hate selling, it's full of chancers, and no matter how well you describe or photograph something there is always someone willing to waste your time and come up with B/S as to why they have bid/ won your auction but can't complete the transaction
  20. I hope mine gets to look half as good as this when I've finished, would have been cheaper to sell mine and buy yours for what is left to do to mine
  21. must resist temptation, service and mot due in Feb with Tim.............
  22. Just a bit on what I had with my R, occasionally I would go round a corner and upon straightening up the car would start to misfire, if I pulled up, turned the engine off, then back on again all would be fine. This happened randomly and the garage who took my car couldn't replicate the problem, so I told them to keep it and let one of them who lived furthest away drive it home, sure enough it did it just as he was getting home, tried new fuel pressure sensor, seemed to cure it, then it came back. So they decided to see if the pump was knackered, turns out the tank had some sediment in it that was trying to be sucked into the fuel pump, to the point where when the fuel moved around the tank it would block any fuel going through, hence when I stopped the car this crap would float back out of the pump. This started to happen about 3 months after I brought the car, initially it was a tiny hesitation, that I tried new plugs and coils to fix, and after 6 months became the problem that I had to stop/restart the car to cure.
  23. looks loads better, is it any louder from the outside of the car? I'm looking to change mine at some point, it's had a custom job, very dull tail pipe finish, sounds ok, the tiniest popping occasionally when you let off the throttle, just want something that looks a bit more standard but with some more noise. Would they be able to make another without the car there now they have done yours? Just can't quite justify the cost of a TME one when I want to upgrade my intercooler first
  24. Nice
  25. I know the sounds are amplified because of where you placed the microphone, but do you get the same noise on every gear change? And at different peak revs? Because mine will make these noises but they only occur randomly, somewhere around 3.5-4K and sometimes it louder than others, and it won't do it if I accelerate hard, just if I lazily come off throttle.