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  1. Nice vids, guys! I hope it was lot of fun again
  2. I upload few other photos of statue for him... https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B8ZmOxII2EsxZEZNenpoaDk5TW8&usp=sharing
  3. Very sad year...R.I.P. Dave :-(
  4. On Dali's funeral ride was 25 cars from Czech Volvo forum (http://forum.volvoklub.cz/). Really nice gesture... Here is only few photos, they are took only for you here at T5D5.org. I'm not happy taking pictures of this :-( https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B8ZmOxII2EsxZEZNenpoaDk5TW8&usp=sharing
  5. That was a very nice trip, 850 on tow was a little bit of work for our V10 Touareg. I'll send link to this thread to Dali's nearest friends and family members, because there are many condolences for read... Thank you for all, guys.
  6. Yes, for someone Dali was a loner, but this is not true, only in our city he has so many friends! His nearest family was only mother, but he still has other family members. And you guys, you are his second family, he loved Volvos, this forum and of course you all! We wanted go to your trackdays together next year, again to the Ring, to Brno Circuit, we had many, many plans.... :-(((
  7. He loved this forum and you guys! Is it very painful loss for everyone who knew him :-( Take a care and watch yourself. R.I.P. Dalibor :-(