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  1. Sorry Greg for the hijack. Have you tried Lakes 4 Volvo? Think I remember a few 850's in there.
  2. Hey Morgan, What wheels are on the C70? I'm in need of a Canisto, just wondering. Brian
  3. Thanks Tim, when I spoke to the guy a Courtenay Sport, he was sort of saying the same thing, just not in so many words lol
  4. Thanks mate. I gave them a ring, looks like they are back order and no idea when they will get them in. Tim? You have any for sale?
  5. Hi all, I'm wanting to buy some VXR injectors for my C70, don't really want to buy from eBay. Any other options beside dealer? Thanks.
  6. Oops, that was for Gregs T5R

  7. Hi mate,

    Any reason it says you can't receive messages?

    I wanted to ask you a question.


    Brian G

    1. Gregs T5R

      Gregs T5R

      Hi My inbox is full I will empty some sorry


  8. That's 4 minutes of my life I'll never get back lol
  9. Hi mate, Well according to the Bosch website, the correct one for your car is pn: 0280218088 I will link the page for you, then you can put your vin# in and check. Brian
  10. Nice article. Thanks for linking.
  11. I know you said you don't like the 3 piece but I think this does look better and it's probably cheaper with the shipping and customs from the states. Just my 2 cents
  12. Yea, it's a .wmv file, not supported by Apple, just have to download a wmv player app.....simples.That sound different than the induction noise from an K&N filter, that's like a high pitch whine when you went under the bridge, before that it sounded good.
  13. Ah, very good to know, thanks again Tim, very much appreciated. Brian
  14. Thanks Tim, The slider pins are new as well and I did put grease on them, the offside caliper is only about a year old (still had zinc coating on it) and the near side is brand new from PFS. Question about the rattle clips though, do they have to touch the brake pads or will there be space between them? Mine aren't touching the pads. I'll get the brakes bled again, I never did the rear, so maybe.. Brian
  15. Hi all, Just did my front brakes this weekend (Sat mostly). This entailed 302 upgrade, new carriers, Brembo Max discs & pads & Goodridge SS hoses. Everything went great, except for a seized near side brake line fitting that I cut off and re flared. Now, I bled the brakes using the Sealey V820 brake bleeding kit, pumped up to 10 psi, held pressure great, filled resovoir, and bled both front sides x2 times to be sure. Went inside car, brake pedal nice and firm. Put tyres back on, took jack stands out a started the car. Brake pedal went about half way down, not the best, did a quick drive around the block and not really happy. Too tired now to worry about it till Sunday. As usual, check the forums for similar issues, what came up most was the retaining Spring not on correctly, I thought maybe as the near side was kind of a pain. I checked this first thing Sunday today, and noticed the spring clip was about 2-3 mm away from the pad, but this was on both sides, so not sure. Decided to bleed the brakes again, let plenty come out and no air bubbles, depressed brake with car off and nice and hard again. Again on startup brake pedal halfway down, still not felt right. Another quick forum check and quite a few posts about master cylinder might be faulty, but no leaks outside and inside. Sooo, anyone have any ideas? Oh sorry, 99 C70 Thanks, Brian