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  1. I wouldn't even know where to start on this. Please let us know how you get on, I would love to know. Big knock on wood, mine is still working good. Only minor advice I would have is disconnect the battery so that any micro switches you move won't get messed up. All the best and good luck. Brian
  2. Wow, those look really good. I just have cheap LED's in my ABM's. I do remember, they are a PITA to change lol
  3. Like Tim said. I broke the top bit off the mcgard on my C70, just hammered a 19mm socket over the top, put a 6" extension and a breaker bar and it was off. Used a 1/2" socket btw, the hardest bit is getting the wheel nut out of the socket lol.
  4. Sorry Greg for the hijack. Have you tried Lakes 4 Volvo? Think I remember a few 850's in there.
  5. Hey Morgan, What wheels are on the C70? I'm in need of a Canisto, just wondering. Brian
  6. Thanks Tim, when I spoke to the guy a Courtenay Sport, he was sort of saying the same thing, just not in so many words lol
  7. Thanks mate. I gave them a ring, looks like they are back order and no idea when they will get them in. Tim? You have any for sale?
  8. Hi all, I'm wanting to buy some VXR injectors for my C70, don't really want to buy from eBay. Any other options beside dealer? Thanks.
  9. Oops, that was for Gregs T5R

  10. Hi mate,

    Any reason it says you can't receive messages?

    I wanted to ask you a question.


    Brian G

    1. Gregs T5R

      Gregs T5R

      Hi My inbox is full I will empty some sorry


  11. That's 4 minutes of my life I'll never get back lol
  12. Hi mate, Well according to the Bosch website, the correct one for your car is pn: 0280218088 I will link the page for you, then you can put your vin# in and check. Brian
  13. Nice article. Thanks for linking.
  14. I know you said you don't like the 3 piece but I think this does look better and it's probably cheaper with the shipping and customs from the states. Just my 2 cents
  15. Yea, it's a .wmv file, not supported by Apple, just have to download a wmv player app.....simples.That sound different than the induction noise from an K&N filter, that's like a high pitch whine when you went under the bridge, before that it sounded good.