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  1. as chris says i use mr muscle oven cleaner on my white alloys with great sucess
  2. i used to live in church eaton i dont remember seeing any awesome cars like this about
  3. xc70 yes, only one in the world (that i know of) and the rear too but nowhere near clean, a wise man once told me it was a ten yard car ive never wrote a list for it before, i won it on ebay almost 3 years ago for £400 3 owners and a full history never modded... eibach -40 prosport rear dampers xc70 rollbar and poly mounts V70R interior decat unknown map 16t 3" maf on silicone inlet 302's nissens rad bumpers xc70 washers aux headunit hack 309 goodwood gear knob poly and nylon engine an box mounts these grey wheels (that i dont like) walbro pump V70R driveshafts its future holds an mot next month, a new ehaust, recon head and a supercharger
  4. but im on pretty much every other forum with volvo in the title and a few peugeot ones too.... thought i should introduce myself properly so here i am, im in Telford Shropshire im a fabricator for a living and no doubt some will recognise my car
  5. thats a v70