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  1. Cheers Tim, I thought so, I'm sure I could make one if I saw one! i did think of drilling and tapping the pivot and securing it with a bolt otherwise
  2. Hi all, driving home from work today the near side gear selector cable had come off its gearbox mounting! the clip holding it on was missing, I have cable tied it for now. does anyone know where I can get a new clip from please? we phoned the nearest main dealer but they couldn't help cheers
  3. Sorry its ex-plod 2005 2.4 T5, done 180k, Great advice 4C I've got a guy who only does clutches and gearboxes on it
  4. You guessed it, CSC is u/s Garage reckons its a 6hr job (were gona put a 3pce clutch assy in) Are there any seals that should be changed while its apart? Crank seal?? Cheers
  5. Thanks, I think I'm clutching at straws but will try anything !!
  6. Fluid level was a little low Did not notice any leaks. Just wondered if anyone has a better way to bleed the slave because I would of thought the bleed on the gearbox is for the master cylinder ?
  7. Hi, I was driving home from work this morning and could not select any gear! Managed to select third and limped home. Bled clutch master cylinder thru nipple on top of gearbox (no air present) Clamped flexi hose before bleed nipple and pedal was rock hard so master cyl ok. Is there anything else I can do or is it a new slave cylinder ? Cheers
  8. Thanks for the replies, I like the software upgrade, but suspension and maybe brakes first!! How can I tell if I have self levelling suspension please? Car will be a daily driver
  9. Hi, Just got an ex-plod 2.4, 6 speed, 05 t5. It goes well enough, has 12 months m.o.t. I would like to start with suspension upgrades first. I'm thinking uprated rear ARB first and a good look around existing suspension components, I've seen quite beefy looking drop links on the internet are they worth it? I'm after the best bang for my buck as they say, any suggestions? Cheers marti
  10. Timing OK!! Still no codes!! Out of curiousity I checked all sensors individualy Put a propane flame on o2 sensor and could only get it to read 0.7v Max, shouldn't it be 0.9? Thought I. Took a £100 gamble and replaced it. EUREKA! Moment. Car no longer stumbles and lacks power, pulls from just under 2k to redline no probs. Happy at last,
  11. Thanks for the reply. Tim I will see if I can get hold of a cam locking tool and take it from there!
  12. Hi, I mistakenly posted a lack of boost problem, I've checked everything . No codes, etc I went back to basics and did a compression test and had only had 140-145 psi on all cylinders? Then I borrowed a leak down tester and have leakage on all cylinders. The previous owner had recently changed the cambelt, so we checked the timing marks and they line up but not sure how to check the vvt. Otherwise it's head removal time! The car starts first time, no water in oil or vice versa and ticks over like a watch, a little heavy fuel consumption but has sluggish acceleration no odd noises etc Help!
  13. Sorry, rechecked the boost pressure it was 1.2 bar in 3rd gear with foot down, I decided to Change the plugs and noticed no1 and 2 cylinders are running very lean the other 3 are fine? There is a very slight blow on the exhaust manifold but I don't think it's a problem so changed fuel filter, no change!! Will try some injector cleaner and may swap injectors around next!!
  14. Thanks, I managed to borrow a live data scanner and am only getting a max of 2.5psi boost! Still no codes and boost solenoid working correct. Can't find any obvious leaks, so going to check the wastegate, the actuator is moving, and remove the exhaust in case I have excess backpressure
  15. Hi, I've owned volvos for the past 15 years with no problems at all, so I decided to buy a 2000 T5. It's done 190k with fish, 12 months mot and does not appear to miss a beat. I ran it around the block and it maxed out easily in first 2 gears no prob. However driving it home I realised that it has a lack of power (3rd gear 50mph up slight incline, speed hardly alters)!! It feels like it has no boost, the turbo spins free and has very little play. I can't find any leaks or fault codes on cheap scanner I disconnected the maf sensor, I think it ran slightly better! Checked voltages to maf 12v, 5v, earth and 1.1-2.8v seems ok New air filter etc Can anyone help before I start throwing good money at it? Thanks