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  1. Hi guys I'm after a good condition m56 manual gearbox from a p1 classic v70 petrol. Failing that an 850 would also do. Thanks!
  2. Oh right yes of course lol! 96 850 T5 on either a 15g or (eventually) a 20t thanks
  3. Wanted as the above please! Also looking for any cat back bits in 3" thanks!
  4. Exhaust hole or loose joint??
  5. Reduced to 250 if anyone interested Thanks
  6. Got a full set of connecting rods and pistons from a 1996 Volvo 850 T5 to sell Removed from a 850 T5 hpt b5234t donor engine which was a project for forged internals Fully working no bends but will require new piston rings and check gudgeon pins for clips as cannot remember if are all there now! Easily interchangeable with ones that come out of old engine if needed Looking for around £40 Thanks for looking
  7. Looking for 275, thanks!
  8. Hi guys Selling the engine removed from my fully working T5 as been replaced with a forged unit For sale Volvo 850 T5 engine removed from 1996 850 estate. Fully working was removed as had built a donor forged engine so this is now surplus. Been stored briefly covered and with oil in bores and sump to prevent corrosion. No leaks when running or removed but I have also oiled areas such as rear main seal/crank to prevent rust etc. No turbo Will possibly require a small paper gasket for where water pipe enters head as I undid this to check a bolt so it may have lost its seal. Available from Volvo for around 3 pounds and 5 minute fit if you do decide to be safe and change it. I don't live near a dealer now but if I do get a chance il pick the part up. No ancillaries or turbo but has most of turbo pipework if not all, distributor, spark plugs, oil cooler lines and top engine mount Collection only as very heavy! If you want to arrange a courier and package engine more than welcome to do so (already on pallet) Thanks for looking
  9. Thanks Tim, small slow steps closer to coming to see you to get it all running together! Si
  10. Ok so keep it until the tuning time comes and tune it in with the rest of it perhaps? I've gone back to the stock one as can't get the new one to work
  11. Thanks Tim, I think I can see what your saying now after more fiddling. Il copy and past my reply on vpcuk to save typing it again and see if that makes any sense to you??! Thanks Tim Thanks for your replies guys, mole sorry to hear it damaged your engine that sucks I'm hoping as mine has forged rods and won't boost higher than 0.5 bar anyway it will be ok! I'm now doing what your doing, starting from the lowest spring. I think part of the problem I'm seeing is the distance the wastegate arm travels per pressure. For example my stock gate only opens about 5mm at 0.2 bar then maybe 1.2 cm at 0.5 bar whereas the new one opens nearly a cm at 0.2 bar and further still at 0.5 according to my pump. They both start to open now at the same pressure. This would suggest that the reason my boost is low is that the bcs is maybe pushing on the gate as it would normally but causing the arm to move more than expected so lessening boost. No idea how to resolve that unless the ecu eventually learns it...
  12. Update... It tried installing the 0.8 bar spring and things are only slightly better, now at the same point I was with the stock gate just reaching target boost occasionally then dropping back. Still no idea what spring I should be using or if I'm setting it up right Thanks
  13. Hi guys, I'm completely stumped. I've just fitted a kinugawa waste gate to my stock 1996 850 T5 as I've been having trouble with boost dropping. The waste gate has come with a variety of springs, 0.3, 0.5, 0.8, 1.2 bar but I have no idea which ones I'm supposed to be using for a stock car. I currently have 0.5 bar fitted which boosts fine to start with but will not go above about 0.4 bar according to my gauge Are the springs the upper limit boost I.e a 0.5 bar spring will only allow up to 0.5 bar of boost or have I got it set up wrong? I had a feeling the old Volvo ones were set with about 4 psi of preload pressure which is about 0.3 bar however my new one is set with barely any pressure at all as I figured the weighting of the springs took care of that? Please help! Thanks
  14. Still available other than mats
  15. Ok thanks il get back to you if I go ahead