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  1. My apologies, for some reason I haven't seen your replies and am not on here much due to my 1 year old. I hear what your saying about the advice of the forum users and i agree, I seek as much advice as I can. Still on the quest of getting her spot on, we're getting there bit by bit lol. Yes I have a Stealth Gixer 1000 K5. My boy is the only reason I got the T5 and am still happy with the lil sleeper lol. T5K5 seemed to work. Hopefully one day it'll be T5K5M5 ;-)
  2. All sorted.. Chat soon
  3. Ok great!! Not able to collect at 8 but I will definitely have it. Am willing to collect if you're local, I'm in London. If not are you able to post? I'm too old to still be doing these kinda challenges lol.. ;-)
  4. Hi Tim, sorry for the delay.. I agree with you about the cutting. If you were to do the same kind of thing with the boost pressure sensor is there an ideal place to cut back to, or just deal with it as required. I'm so glad you've got the loom, just to confirm it has 2 of the required vvt sensor connectors on it?? Also, how much amd how quick can I get it?? Lol Thanks ;-)
  5. Hi Tim, all I know is the wires around the ignition coils are quite bad, so I'd need that part of the loom and also the part that includes the boost pressure sensor. How many sections does the engine loom have, and would you not say it's better to get the complete engine loom??
  6. Hi guys looking for a clean engine loom for my 2006 V70 2.4 T5. Must be unbutchered and in general good condition. Thanks.
  7. Hi guys and thanks for the welcome.. Not sure how to add pictures yet, if anyone could suggest how that would be great.. A little update with the car. Sourcing the problem with the turbo has led to the unveiling of a serious butcher attempt to the cars wiring, mainly in the engine bay. So much so that the specialist I had it with near on flat out refused to work on it, and said I need a new engine loom. To be honest they did show me and it does look quite horrific. Mostly hidden under the coil pack cover and includes things like different colour wires attached to the original wires, the boost pressure controller sending a very high static reading and also apparently doesn't look like an OEM Volvo part. It has misfires on 1 and 3, still no boost, I believe the TCV isn't getting any signal and just a general nightmare really. The Mechanic suggesting selling it was a bit of a blow to my enthusiasm and a lil disheartening as I'm starting to really like the car, I think it's quite charming even though I've never felt it run right. I spoke to an Auto electrician who's coming to see the car soon so I'll wait and see what he says, although he sounded a lot more optimistic about targeting the problems individually and putting it right. I hope he can and I hope it doesn't lead to a gigantic bill at the end. Any help or suggestions from you guys would be appreciated, as I feel a bit lost as to what to do... I'll keep you updated. Thanks
  8. Hi guys, just a quick hello and introduction. Just recently bought a 2.4 T5, an ex plod car that needed a lil love. I am very impressed already with the car even though it's lacking the tidyness of a more expensive purchase option. I got the car cheap as chips and I'm just starting to give her the love she needs to make her a lovely car again. I'm aiming to have the Turbo problem fixed, a full comprehensive service and inspection by a specialist, a few engine details, minor mods, replace interior with leather, polybush the car, aftermarket wheels, suspension upgrafe, nice sounds and maybe a blow over... All in good time though.. The chassis feels very tought, brakes are strong, suspension could do with a few tweeks, but over all I love it. I can never leave a car alone when I buy one so I'm going to enjoy the transformation. Hope to see/speak to you guys soon, Thanks...