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  1. :-)
  2. for tdo4hl-22t need better clutch, or da serial set began. You will need to use better dirt tracks (Wiseco Forged Pistons)
  3. Ahoj. Chtěl bych se zeptat. Jsem přepracovaný 16T k obrácení 19T a přemýšlet o předělání 20T nebo 22T. Bude to vyžadovat užší spojku a písty? Výdrž Serial?
  4. Můj nový kolo 18 "Odysseus
  5. Můj nový přestávka od S40 T5 II 320mm
  6. It is the color of the Audi RS6
  7. https://youtu.be/V61VeX58gFw
  8. My new video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V61VeX58gFw&feature=youtu.be
  9. Yes. I was told they would be after the holidays, now there was no answer.
  10. Hello You do not know where you can get on the brake caliper adapter from S60R to S70? I found just this page but not in stock http://www.mpre.se/?product=adapter-for-r-bromsok Is there any other possibility to buy?
  11. Hi guys. Is there anyone who would make me ECU remap on my Volvo S70 T5? I already have another map from ARD and I'm still not satisfied. Thanks.
  12. My new foto
  13. Hi. So I don't have vyresene kolisani meetings pressure turbos. About two such do I remap the ecu from the ARD. We also did an overhaul of the engine and we have put in place 16 19T Conversion. Map me car was Delano, according to the specification that I sent to the ARD. When the unit back so dosla me jme car put on a diagnostic and four errors. When we went for a ride car so pressure kolisal pressure on the still turbu between 0.4-0.8 bar. Although the car accelerated but wrong. We've got four zavity on Pridali control wastegatu and the car is a total sklidnilo, and according to me we ztraceli power. So we gave estovali but at the same time I was unable to get more than pressure turbu 0.8 bar. Even today, vic netlacim as 0.8 bar and I don't know why. TCV, I guess four menil uz. And nothing. Podltakove hose ok. Turbo repass. Could I somehow damage control wastegatu? Steloval I, the thermal baths. I finally got another map from ARD but pressure still kolisa. Truly, I don't know what it already can be. This time I am but the ARD sent his original unit, and again after returning and ecu Diagnostics Pisa prehrani me two errors. And this cidlo Acceleration (cidlo pressure sani 444) and companion error: very snimac pressure nadrze. I don't understand why, when the unit prior to remap the ecu had no errors. Muzou these errors affect the performance? Muze's apartment the cause? Or I could be damaged by wastegate? Please advice
  14. Tu je moje ecu remap ard
  15. S70 T5 97 tdo4hl 19T Conversion VIVA reverse intercooler pipe intercooler SNABB intake pipe SNABB IPD phenolic intake JR Opti flow HKS blow off 3 "Downpipe, 2,5 "BSR exhaust R manifold Tcv ARD IPD msd ignition IPD sparg plug Ard connecting rods Ard lightweight pulley Wallbro 265 R injectors 465cc N/a cams (volvo 2.5 20v)