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  1. Thanks for the reply DSK Tuning wise i'm not thinking anything mad but probably a 18t or 19t if i can find one Ive got a japanifold, 3"angled downpipe and decat ready. Hoping to add slightly bigger turbo and VXR injectors to get close to 300bhp. As with yourslef i would only go for quality parts as the labour is too expensive to to twice. I'm thinking 850r clutch kit, release bearing (assuming you can buy separately and required with the volvo clutch kit) and rear seal while the box is off Ash
  2. Evening all, been a long time looking and researching on here and now hoping for some advice on clutch setup for my 1996 850 T5 manual Since i bought the car 30K miles ago on 107K the car has had had a grumbling noise when the engine is running which goes when you start to depress the clutch. I was told it was the clutch release bearing. Does this sound correct? In addition to this when pulling away from a standstill the clutch would squeal and slip until it bites and then all is fine. No slippage at all once moving no matter how aggressive i am with the car. Now 30K later its at the point i need to do something about it. The car now squeals when on tickover and when the clutch is depressed it goes but sounds grumbly. Its now quite juddery when pulling away I'm pricing up replacement parts to determine if the car is worth saving. I really want to keep it on the road as its been faultless over the past 2 years. My plan was (please advise / correct me if i'm wrong) to replace the clutch for an 850r item to future proof as thinking of some tuning if i keep her and replace the release bearing. Do the symptons sound like release bearing or flywheel or something else? I've read about doing the rear main seal whilst the gearbox is off, is this wise? I'd really appreciate any advice or part numbers so i can purchase the correct parts. From looking around the stock T5 clutch kit seems to be 3 piece and include the bearing but the 850r kits are 2 piece with no bearing, is the bearing specific for the r clutch?, should i just buy the bearing separate from volvo? Sorry for lots of questions but i dont want to shell out £600+ and find i've still got issues, willing to hear recommendations and alternative options thanks Ash