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  1. can anyone tell me how to get the rails off the bottom of the drivers door window glass? i cant seem to figure it out! i have the problem of the sliders coming off when the window is fully down! i replaced the sliders and popped them on twice and put the clip back on in the correct position and its still happening! so it must be the runners on the glass or something else! i want to get them off and have a good look at them. why they didnt just put a full length one across the bottom of the glass i dont know Thanks in advance
  2. there is no way im putting a smf in after what Tim Williams said i dont want to end up with a car vibrating like a bus. a smf clutch will however fit a dmf and thats what i want
  3. i dont doubt any of that and im a patient person normally but this is a big thing for my car and a big job i need to get it right. i cant go nowhere car is out of action
  4. mine doesnt ive lost my pm from you. i dont care about that i just want to sort this out im needing a clutch soon i left my email because i couldnt pm you
  5. you going to contact me or not?
  6. yeah thats what i thought it would be i need to order from you
  7. i dont see it i certainly wouldnt have deleted it :/ can you email me so we can discuss i need to sort out with you very soon i appreciate your busy but ive no message to reply to dunno where it has gone
  8. im looking for a clutch to take 600nm+ on a dmf s60 2006 2.4D which is (ive confirmed this) exactly the same as the focus II rs 2.5 so there must be something out there? told tim williams but i cant pm him any suggestions? not paddle! need to get one very soon thanks in advance
  9. I dont know what it is but if i turn ignition to position 2 wait for tge relay click then wait 3 more seconds and start it then it starts and idles fine then 10 to 20 seconds later it starts hunting. I just dont get it Any clues?
  10. Not live data thats for sure. The word description lights up and then you can click it to see some text information.I got a feeling its a fueling issue if i leave the ignition on position 2 wait about 15 or so seconds until you hear a relay click then start it. It starts better then settles and idles a few seconds then it starts going rough. My guess is the in tank fuel pump is doing its job adding fuel pressure to the system but because the pump stops the pressure gets released after a few seconds. I could be totally wrong though. It seems to missfire when driving offbut after about half a mile everything runs as it should. This is only in the colder weather mind in warmer i dont have this problem. You would think perhaps glow plugs but i changed them and no difference at all
  11. Well torque pro has fuel rail pressure fuel pressire and fuel trim in banks. Cant see anything else of any use tbh :-\
  12. Dont see anytging for injectprs i would have tgought there may have been atleast fuel rail pressure but no. Ill have to see what torque pro has and try that
  13. I did wasnt much in there ill check again tomorrow though but there was hardly anything in there
  14. erm unless its somewhere else i cant do this see attached. ive no idea where else to look thanks. also im not sure where speed comes into it unless you want me to drive it and run vida same time ?