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  1. Hi guys....and the odd girl I hope. After many years of hankering after a gul yellow 850 T5-R I've just taken the plunge with an auto saloon. I'm completely new to Volvos but have wielded spanners before on Beemers and VWs. Although all the fluids look pretty fresh I plan to service and improve it over the summer. Does anyone have any tips on how I can make sensible improvements as I go. I'm thinking about recommendations for engine and auto transmission fluids, bushes, better air filters etc. I like to keep things pretty original looking but am happy to improve and enhance as I go. In addition my car started to get a sort of missfire/hesitancy, mainly on a trailing or part throttle. It made the lambda light come on the dash. I've squirted the MAF with some electrical connector cleaner today which seems to have cured it, although I've only driven 15 miles since. I should say I hadn't driven the Volvo for about two weeks prior. Has anyone had anything similar and if so should I expect the fault to come back? Finally for now my car is a Japanese import. Does anyone know if there is any difference in the quality of the rust proofing between Japanese and Euro spec cars? Look forward to any ideas and thoughts on the above. Cheers Peter
  2. Thanks both. I'll try the photo bucket thing. And who is this Tim guy. Where is he based?
  3. OK cheers. I'll have a nose. I did try to post a photo but I think the file size is too large. I'll have to ask someone more IT literate than me to sort this out.
  4. Hi Guys, I'm a new member and was wondering if there are any social events/meetings in Hampshire or the South? If you know of anything or fancy starting something let me know. Cheers Peter
  5. Hi everyone! Just signed up to the forum tonight. I've had my gul yellow 850 T5-R saloon for about a month and would like to ask a few technical questions on the forum. How do I go about this? Also I'm based in Hampshire. Is there a local social scene? Cheers Peter