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    Fixing cars using nothing but hacksaw's & lump hammers
  1. It's also car dependent for some of the effects/benefits/downsides as well. On the Mk1 Clios for example, fitting a strut brace does stiffen the front of the car but when driven properly hard, what it also does is move the flex to somewhere else on the car causing the roof to flex instead. It's only an issue to the cars with a sunroof fitted as the roofs aren't quite as strong with a big hole cut in it and it starts to let water get into the car
  2. Bugger! I forgot about this going up Stick me down with an extra driver pretty please
  3. I'm a huge fan of converting little Clios to manual steering but balls to trying it on a big heavy car As Tim has said, it'll be a contributing factor in the event of an accident. I experienced loss of power steering on my Accord when it blew up at Combe, 100+mph, mid-bend, total loss of everything & it was scarily difficult to keep the car away from the concrete wall at the side of the track as the steering was so heavy and the car was completely unresponsive to any kind of steering input or attempt at a change of direction with anything less than a massive brute force yank of the steering wheel
  4. Others book the Travelodge at Leigh-Delamere Services
  5. Is it just me that thinks Amazon is a bit shit then? Majority of the time prices are laughably uncompetetive. Only ever used it to connect to the Kindle I got my mum for christmas years ago for her to get books on it & only ever buy anything if I've got free vouchers from somewhere - got £50 worth a few weeks ago with my new phone contract Plus bollocks to paying for prime just to watch the new top gear, I managed to watch it for free
  6. How offensive is the smell? I'm currently using Dragons Breath, awesome stuff, expensive though but the smell of the stuff is so awful it's unreal
  7. Not seen this then?
  8. Bit of both But all running sweetly again so I'll be there
  9. Ask me again on Thursday evening
  10. Just got to hope mine doesn't go bang at Cadwell on thursday now
  11. I'll pop over for this
  12. Look at the weekend after that so both of our Rovers can chase each other around the ring
  13. Funny you say that as I had to call the AA out to me on the way home
  14. I'd just like to have a working car to take out on track next year
  15. See what your local council has available as they usually don't advertise what they have on gumtree etc & you have to apply 1st and then they let you know what they have. I found mine on gumtree, got 3 garages in a secure & secluded compound and I pay £65 per month for all 3. Was a good few years ago I last looked but when I was on the lookout, the going rate was from £7 to £21 per week for a garage