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  1. oh its fixed itself this morning. I hate intermittent faults
  2. Should everything switch off when you turn off the ignition. Just upgraded from a T5 to a 850R and when I switch off, the radio and interior fan will keep running and I have to turn them off manually. They used to go off with the key in the T5, so have I got a fault or a short somewhere do you think
  3. ok how do i get your address Steve
  4. Hi everyone , after smashing my T5R last september and a long, long dispute with the insurance about the value, I have finally got my money and have another 850 R being delivered in the next week, so excited,feel like Im part of the family again Anyway my quick question is , does the club do ant Tee shirts, Sweatshirts or hats of any kind ????
  5. Hi, after a big ish accident in my 850 R ,( it wasnt my fault, honest ) and the insurance condemning it as the airbags had gone off, I have finally got the payment from the insurance, and am looking for another one. I want another 850R, but have seen a couple of all wheel drive , V70 Rs. So I would value members opinions on 2 things, 1, I have read that the V70 does not handle as well as the 850 , is this true, and 2 , would I be buying extra trouble if I got a all wheel drive V70r. I have a reasonable amount of insurance money to spend and it will get me a nice car if i am carefull
  6. well we will see, I will let fate decide, I wont have the money for another 3 weeks , so if its still available then, maybe its meant to be. its a stunning colour tho
  7. looking for a nice condition , genuine, 850 R. estate 95,96,or 97, mileage prefer under 180,000, the nearer to Nottingham the better , will have cash at end of may
  8. ok thankyou. its a p2. its apparently all working and looks in good nick but its your expensive to maintain bit that would prob put me off. I was wondering if the 4 wheel drive system could take all the power. sometimes carmakers add these gizmos but dont make gearboxes strong enough to take it Maybe I will just search for another nice 850 R. I really miss mine
  9. hi do you still have this car Steve
  10. Help , how the hell do you get the rear spoiler off a 850 T5 , I have removed all the brackets and screws both sides and its still on solid, took the trim off but cant see any screws through the top of the door inside Did the bond them on as well as screwing them ? Any advice appreciated
  11. hi, how do I remove the spoiler from a 850 . Ive took out all the screws both sides and its still on solid, is it glued on as well
  12. Thanks Tim , seems I got one of the "in some cases " one
  13. are you still looking for t5 glovebox lid. i have one in tan colour
  14. HI everyone , just wanted to pass this piece of wisdom on to you all. I had a bad smash in my t5r sunday evening , running into the back of a small B M W that decided to stop on amber.but obviously it was my fault in the eyes of the law, as i hit him in the back Good job I wasnt going fast , but anyway, because I braked so hard , my front end submarined and the bumper went under the bm s rear and all he got was his number plate knocked off as i moved him a few feet forward. My car --- crumpled bonnet, headlights and side lights gone, rad burst , all the front plastic structure in a million bits, ( which the police loved cos the had to sweep it up) front nearside wing bent to hell and the inner wing bent straight back at the front. Oh and i got wack in the face with the airbag and trust me , it hurts well we went through the normal exchanging details and he drives off , I have to arrange a truck to come and take me home. So on Monday morning , i rung my insurance to let them know , and the lady said would i like to make a claim for my car as im fully comp , so i said yes please. WRONG, big mistake. A inspector came from the insurance company this morning , and after i had finished telling him how rare the cars were and pricy ect ect he said no ive got to write it off apparently the damage at the front was fixable as its mainly plastic and glass a wing and a rad , but he said whats done you is the air bag and SRS units have gone off, so I said yes but I could get them fixed and he replied , Ah , but only with secondhand parts for a car this old (1997), and if you did and then you ever sold it and the buyer had a accident and they didnt go off and there was a death then the insurance and you , (me) would be in serious trouble, and with that he was gone. So i rung my mechanic mate and told him, and was told in no uncertain terms that I had been a prat. Apparently , and here is the pearl of wisdom for everyone , if this sort of thing happens get it looked at first by someone thats on your side, IF its fixable but airbags have gone off , tell your insurance that you were invovled in a colision, but DO NOT make a claim for your car, as airbags ans SRS can be fixed very easily, then no examiner will come out and it wont be registered as a write off. they offered me £470 for it and want to take it away to be crushed, it would have cost about £300 in parts to fix so ive lost my pride and joy for doing the correct thing basically, if i had not claimed , i would have had my car back in a few weeks, now i have to start the search for another. oh and i would have sold it
  15. what I meant about stopping on amber , it was green as they were approaching the lights , and changed to amber literaly as they were going over the line and they just rammed the anchors on, and I was expecting them to go through. Thing that annoyed me later on was that if I had been going my normal speed , I would have been in the outside lane and well passed them before they got to the lights
  16. yes the sods have, they either take it away and crush it immediately , or i can have it to sell parts. If i do that they will only give me £430 , and i have 6 weeks to do it and supply them with a certificate of destruction which will cost me £20, even less money, plus my driveway is shared, and although I get on ok with my neighbour , they would be to happy about a car in bits for weeks. ah but now I have a cunning plan. There is a scrapping firm called car take back, I have used them before for old cars and they are a very professional outfit , They will pay me £ 90 for the car, AND supply me with a certificate of destruction AND collect it from my house. So that gets me the 430 and 90 =520, And i can keep my titan wheels and R front spoiler, which the insurance company would not let me. what Redbrick said about its still my car , I would have thought so to , but from what the inspector said, once those airbags and SRS units have gone off, D V L A ( BIG BROTHER ) will take it off you quick sharp even if its a brand new car , unless a main dealer can put brand new units and airbags back in, which is not possible on our cars cos of the age
  17. that should have been would not have sold it !!!
  18. Hi , need some opinions on upgradeing my brakes, I have a 850 T5R still with the standard brakes on , and I took the car on track at Donnington for 20 minutes 3 weeks ago. I was pleased with the speed and handling but after only 4 laps was getting massive brake fade on the 2 straights. so I would value some sensible opinions on which way to go on this now. Do I go for the 302 ? police spec disks which i have read , are not much better , or to the monster brakes ( about 330mm i think ) which fit in the 17 inch wheels but cost a small fortune ( £1600+vat i have seen) I would like to improve the car but its no good making it go faster if i cant stop it ! What are peoples views please, and could i get them cheaper / recon calipers
  19. Hi , can anyone explain simply to a computer phobic like me why , i can post messages on here , i can place a wanted ad , BUT, i CANNOT get notification through my E mail that I have replies to posts ,and I cannot reply to members adverts, its so frustrating. I have even sent messages to the moderators for help on the but have had no reply
  20. forgot to say , it always says in the top right corner ," this topic is locked" so how do i get back to the seller
  21. but what about replying to adverts
  22. hi , I am trying to find a pair of front brake carriers so i can change my front disks from 288mm to 302mm , does anyone have a pair they want to sell or does anyone know the volvo part number so i can ask at the dealers
  23. Hi mate thanks for the info. I contacted my local volvo guy and he was really helpfull, and after giveing him the part numbers you gave me, he says the first number ending 2456 , no longer exists and has been superseded by 8251319 . price is currently £42.00 each including VAT, and the order goes from them to Volvo , and they order from there suppliers, so it can take 3 weeks till they arrive in the u.k.. He did email me a picture and it must be the one you refered to as having ears , but thats all you can get now
  24. Hello to all , just joined this forum, and hope that some one can help me. I have a T5 estate 1997 reg and have notice recently the plastic coating on the roof trim strips , that cover where the roof is welded to the body , is starting to peel up on one side and a small bit has come off today showing shiny metal/ plastic underneath. I have looked on Ebay useing all the terminology I can think of , roof strips , roof joining trim, roof trim, plastic roof strips , and all I get is roof bars or roof racks so my question is what is the technical term for these strips, and does anyone know were you can buy new ones HELP
  25. well i know this might make some people shudder but its not as cheap and nasty as it sounds honest. what to get is the wide electrical insulation tape , the plastic stuff, and you will find that it is exactly the right width to cover the strip. wipe the strip down with some methylated spirit and when it has dried carefully apply the tape leaving excess at each end and trim that when its all on ok. keep it tight when applying but dont stretch it, it works super , and you can buy it in a range of colours so possibly match the body colour