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  1. As MRG nears closer, I really need Tim to fit an oil cooler for the autobox to the v70 before I put it on the track. If anyone has one they would like to sell, or know of a company that sells them ( I think Volvo have stopped, but I could be wrong) could you please let me know. Many thanks Damien.
  2. Hey steve, I'll take it please. Got to start putting some upgrades on the car ready for mrg. Pm me your details. Cheers mate.
  3. Happy Birthday Ben!
  4. Hope you had a good day. Happy birthday!!
  5. Happy birthday Tim. :-)
  6. Happy Birthday matey.........looking forward to dancing with you again...........
  7. Thanks guys....i spent saturday night out on the town with about twenty mates + Mrs Lazybugger. I spent Sunday and Monday wishing i hadnt. Obviously cant handle my drink like i used to.
  8. Ahh the good memories are coming back now....cant wait to meet up with people again.....this will be my third year at MRG, and really starting to feel part of a big extended family.....familiar faces....familiar nights out down the nightclubs/bars.....cannot fcuking wait!
  9. Nope...Mrs Lazybugger will be accompanying me......except as she is currently having driving lessons and hopefully passes her test, she may well be driving me down there...thus enabling me sleep the journey away. See how she likes it!
  10. Hotel Booked!!!! Cant wait! This is the highlight of the Volvo year for me...wouldn't miss it for the world!
  11. Happy Birthday Tony. Big kisses.
  12. dads garage all built and kitted out....only took nearly a year!

  13. Hi Warren, thats great news! I want your land rover........ Damien
  14. has just started recovering from the V festival.

  15. needs a boost guage....any recommendations?

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    2. irf
    3. lazybugger


      yes, very nice, plain and simple. i like that alot. I was beginning to wonder if it was compulsory to have a multicoloured, jazzed up gauge with writing all over the dial and glows in the dark, even when switched off. Cheers Irf, appreciate it.

    4. clan998


      Ive a stack gauge from merlin motor sport ... Good quality no silly lights , just a nice looking gauge