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  1. So, I remaped my T5, and i decided to change the spark plugs for Bosch FR5DTC. They are nice, and the car started to perform very well too. After 2 days, e get some misfire, so e taked it off, and installed the old ones. And they run great, no misfire. So, my question is, wich set of coil is nice for a good upgrade?
  2. Hi mate, yeah, i had a bypass on mine hoses, and the the core had a leak. I allready order a new one, and a new front axle.
  3. I gonna try to find something on google. By the way, what is the matrix?
  4. The problem is that I have buy the car at like 4 months ago. I the cold are stariting now (I'm from portugal) Can you show me some photos of that?
  5. So, i notice the heqter of my car don't work. And today, i opened the hood, and for my surprise, I don't have any hose connected to the heater core. So, i need to buy new hose and the core ok, no problem. Here i gonna connect this hoses?! and how is possible that i don't have any cooling leak??
  6. Hi, im new in the forum. I have a C70 T5 98, remaped. And when i want some fun with it, i loose the boost, the car at 4000 rpm, seems like to loose some boost, i can hear the turbo spool a little bit. Do I have some vacum leak or is the TCV gone?