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  1. Started up the car for the first time today and she ran!! Stupid me forgot to tighten the oil feed line on the engine block and made a huge mess,lol. Other than that I have two leaky fuel injectors and still need to extend the o2 sensors wires and replace the timing belt again. There is a small tear and must have gotten hit during install.
  2. Car is 95% complete. Really wanting to do a wire tuck when time permits and a rear battery kit to open up the engine bay.
  3. Exhaust is complete. Went at a different approach, decided to paint it black to protect it from the salt during the winter. I also adapted a 3" stainless pipe to the stock muffler for now. Down the road I'll be gutting it out and straight piping inside the stock muffler it to give it the stock(sleeper look) and approved state inspection look to it.
  4. Just curious, why not get a td05 turbine with a 16g or bigger compressor wheel? You'd have great airflow to keep up with high rpm.
  5. Welcome coldstart. I come from the jap crowd too. I use to own a 1990 eagle talon tsi fwd 5spd and a 1990 eclipse gsx awd 5speed. You have a great platform to work with. What kind of driving is this car going to be put through and what are your goals; 1/2 mile, 1/4 mile, track use, horsepower? Like Gregs T5R mentioned, good idea to get those rods done to avoid the bent rods on boost spike with an approach of tuning the car with a bigger turbo.
  6. Supra needs some traction,daammn,
  7. Damnnn. My 2nd gear doesn't come anywhere near 100mph,lol.
  8. Intake plumbing is all set pretty much. I just need to get some rubber gromments for the lines that connect into the intake tube. Soooo close to being done, wont be sleeping to much tonight knowing she'll be running most likely tomorrow!!!!!
  9. Full 3" stainless steel exhaust and aluminum intercooler piping kit came in the mail finally. Running a full 3" turbo back exhaust with a 3" 180 degree aluminum pipe on the cold side and 2.25 on the hot side. Using the left over intercooler plumbing for the intake tube routing to the maf sensor.
  10. Milled out a hole in the manifold today. I'll be welding on the pipe and flange this weekend.
  11. Update on the car btw everyone. Got my oil pressure line figured out. Was kinda tricky because of the standard and metro combo. Looked online for a few days with no luck. I called up a hydraulics company and got a fitting made up for a very fair price and at my door in two days!
  12. Damn, that's a wide tire on a s40,lol. Did you have to cut anything out along the way? I'm going to be building around the hy35 turbo and a 235 tire would be right in line with my build setup.
  13. Awesome info! Thanks
  14. Nice ride man! What are your tire and rim specs? As far as power goes I won't be pushing it hard at the moment. Limited with my auto transmission but long term want to swap the m56 in.