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  1. Supra needs some traction,daammn,
  2. Have you checked out level ten transmissions?
  3. When I get my manual m56 tranny in my hands I'm going to push a sliiiightly modified aw50-55sn to its limits. I'm going to run a very large transmission cooler with a e-fan on a toggle switch. Let's see how long it last on the high boost tune at 300whp.
  4. I ran into a problem on the first road test. I'm blowing oil out the seals on the turbine side. The oil burning is at idle and gets worse with more throttle. I'm pretty sure it's my oil return line causing the issue. The fitting I purchased from ebay/china isnt a true -10an in regards to the inside diameter. Ordering a 5/8 fitting on the turbo and hoping that eliminates the oil blowing past the seals.
  5. Hey guys. I'm very familiar with the phase one and phase two s40s and currently in the process of building up a holset powered s40. The car is a 2003 USA edition volvo s40 with the automatic tranny that comes with the td04hl-12t. The car has a manual 5speed swap in the future but would like to get it running smooth before I spend the cash on the m56 swap. I got a few parts together so far, here's what I have; phase one motor swap(stronger sleeves and better engine all round for more horsepower )Holset hy35 turbo, tial 38mm external wastegate with screamer pipe, 3" high flow cat, stainless oil feed lines,egt gauge,wideband gauge. I followed mitchyboy01 testing on the holset with the stock map and was impressed. I originally was going for a td05-big 16g but after coming across a almost brand new hy35 for half the money I'm going for it! For those who don't know the hy35 has a 9cm turbine housing and expect spool to be in the mid/high 3,000rpm range. I'm a welder and metal fabricator by trade so most of this will be done all custom and hoping you guys can help out a fellow volvo nut,lol. Right now I'm on the exhaust manifold and external wastegate fabrication phase. Can anyone shine any light on where to start here? Here are my thoughts.... First I would still use the stock exhaust manifold and I would make an adaptor to bolt on the external wastegate. Like this---> I'm going to run a low boost 7psi spring to get things dialed in with tuning. As far as engine management goes thats going to be the last thing I buy at the moment. Appears VEMS is a popular choice but would really like some first hand experience at this point in my build. I didn't go nearly as far with modding my old s40 I had last year. She had around 210whp with the stock 12t, and a few bolt ons. Never ran it at the track but gave wrx's and mustangs a run for their money,lol.
  6. Hi mark. Have you checked the entire lower port going into the engine block down into the oil pan? Those are notorious for getting clogged overtime.
  7. I plugged in my scan tool today and was surprised how many codes I got. I have a total of 18 codes with some of them repeated more than once. Any tips or suggestions before I start wrenching on it this weekend? I want to take the right approach to this and some help would be very much appreciated. I'm going to start with checking my wires for any mix up but everything was pretty much fool proof. I had everything marked and numbered and the only thing I had to wire up was the o2 sensors. All the other connections had harnesses so it just clicked together. p0303- #3 misfire p0015- exhaust cam shaft over retarded p0351- ignition coil a primary secondary circuit p0234- turbo charger overboost condition p0236- turbo charger boost sensor A circuit p0108- manifold absolute pressure bar sensor high input p0102- mass or volume air flow low input p0505- idle air control system p0014- exhaust camshaft position timing over retarded bank 1 p0303- cylinder 3 misfire detected p0351- ignition coil a primary secondary circuit p0234- turbo overboost condition p0236- turbo overboost sensor A circuit p0108- manifold absolute pressure high sensor high input p0102- mass or volume air fow circuit low input p0505- idle air control system p0014- exhaust camshaft position over advanced
  8. The motor is a 2000 s40 us edition. The two pior 2000 s40s I used to own had vvt on the exhaust and one map sensor on the intake manifold. My 2003 has two, one on the cold side of the intercooler and one on the intake manifold. I will give the cam timing another shot. I'm going to use the data log feature as well on my scanner (first time using it) and see how that works. I'll try uploading the datalog info tomorrow night. I'm not giving up on the car, not after 5 months of work on it and still needs M56 swap next year. 😀
  9. Yes, the engine has vvt on the exhaust and I'm running two oem map sensors.
  10. Thanks for the quick response Tim. I did a reset with the ecu twice, I left the battery unplugged overnight a couple times between checking codes to clear the ecu. My next attempt is using the scan tool to reset the codes as well but dought that will work. -I think the cam timing should be spot on, I lined up the crankshaft single tooth mark on the gear and got it lined up the the mark on the block. I cross referenced by watching some DIY videos and manuals. I did a full phase one motor swap to a phase two car. So a phase one head(motor in my case) won't work with phase two software? I called numerous stealerships and they said the swap would work no problem. -I will swap the coils and see if that does anything like you said. -I called a guy I got a referral from and he believes it's a timing issue. Price quote of $400 USD to look over my work and re-time my cams and look at ecu codes with a scanner that does the same thing as vida he said. The craftsman 20890 scanner I have works great but doesn't clear all the codes and has generic codes sometimes making it difficult to narrow things down. Its a legit volvo specialist shop and think I may take the $400 hit at this point, volvo wants double the price.
  11. So I did a little detail on the engine bay yesterday. I still have to plumb up the diverter valve and upgrade the cold side pipe of the intercooler to a 3" aluminum bend. Official startup video coming next week, waiting for a part to be imported from sweden right now and wont be in until next wed/thurs.
  12. Intercooler plumbing is almost done. I took a chance and ordered a stock hy35 boost elbow and it worked out great. The height is perfect and all I needed was a 90 degree elbow with a 3" to 2" coupler so that it bolts right up to the stock intercooler pipe.
  13. Small update. I did a full o-ring replacement on the fuel injectors and not a leak so far. Also did the timing belt AGAIN and noticed why the old one tore on the side. During inspection I found a socket adapter that had fell down into the timingbelt crankshaft area. This must have bee the culprit scene in the first photo.
  14. You start your build yet for 500hp?
  15. Started up the car for the first time today and she ran!! Stupid me forgot to tighten the oil feed line on the engine block and made a huge mess,lol. Other than that I have two leaky fuel injectors and still need to extend the o2 sensors wires and replace the timing belt again. There is a small tear and must have gotten hit during install.
  16. Car is 95% complete. Really wanting to do a wire tuck when time permits and a rear battery kit to open up the engine bay.
  17. Exhaust is complete. Went at a different approach, decided to paint it black to protect it from the salt during the winter. I also adapted a 3" stainless pipe to the stock muffler for now. Down the road I'll be gutting it out and straight piping inside the stock muffler it to give it the stock(sleeper look) and approved state inspection look to it.
  18. Just curious, why not get a td05 turbine with a 16g or bigger compressor wheel? You'd have great airflow to keep up with high rpm.
  19. Welcome coldstart. I come from the jap crowd too. I use to own a 1990 eagle talon tsi fwd 5spd and a 1990 eclipse gsx awd 5speed. You have a great platform to work with. What kind of driving is this car going to be put through and what are your goals; 1/2 mile, 1/4 mile, track use, horsepower? Like Gregs T5R mentioned, good idea to get those rods done to avoid the bent rods on boost spike with an approach of tuning the car with a bigger turbo.
  20. Damnnn. My 2nd gear doesn't come anywhere near 100mph,lol.
  21. Intake plumbing is all set pretty much. I just need to get some rubber gromments for the lines that connect into the intake tube. Soooo close to being done, wont be sleeping to much tonight knowing she'll be running most likely tomorrow!!!!!
  22. Full 3" stainless steel exhaust and aluminum intercooler piping kit came in the mail finally. Running a full 3" turbo back exhaust with a 3" 180 degree aluminum pipe on the cold side and 2.25 on the hot side. Using the left over intercooler plumbing for the intake tube routing to the maf sensor.
  23. Milled out a hole in the manifold today. I'll be welding on the pipe and flange this weekend.
  24. Update on the car btw everyone. Got my oil pressure line figured out. Was kinda tricky because of the standard and metro combo. Looked online for a few days with no luck. I called up a hydraulics company and got a fitting made up for a very fair price and at my door in two days!
  25. Damn, that's a wide tire on a s40,lol. Did you have to cut anything out along the way? I'm going to be building around the hy35 turbo and a 235 tire would be right in line with my build setup.