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  1. Ok mate thanks, how much should I look to be paying for one ?
  2. We will stick with 19t then, have you any Tim ? Yup have a throttle cable, ME7 is long gone now............ I am buying the forged stuff from Simon to put into mine ? Rods + Bolts........
  3. I bought another gearbox with a Quaife LSD from Colin, should be ok to get me started at least until I can divert some funds for a gripper. Are the K24 options not even worth considering for my needs btw Tim ? Do you have happen to have a 19T kicking around maybe ? Would you be able to map this thing for me and set it up etc please ? Baffled sump needed on these engines ? Oil cooler etc going to be needed ? I have been advised by Jochen it would be wise to run an oil cooler for both engine and gearbox, but he is running 450bhp iirc.....
  4. We are getting some sway from the rules, strictly speaking a T5 is not eligible for the Pre93 championship in any case, as the Turbo model never appeared until 1994 unless I am mistaken ? So porting the head, dropping in some forged rods & ARP bolts, new valve stems, new rings, new gaskets etc etc plus a 19t should be more than plenty you think Tim ? or you inclined to go with the other option some have mentioned ? the K24 ? What is your take on being able to keep all this cooled btw ? Thanks again ps. Engine currently fitted has worn turbo, not compression tested it. (250k on the clock, so no doubt needs a full refresh) My spare engine made 160 across all 5 pots, and seemed to pull like a train......(173k engine but lots of history)
  5. Would prefer the whole car went in one go tbh........I have removed the engine tho, as it went like a train and a good motor to keep as a spare.
  6. heheh indeed, had 3 of them for a couple of days. S70 is in the workshop having engine removed at the moment, cracking 160 minimum across the pots, knew it was a goodun by the way it pulled. Rest of the car is available, MOT'd , virtually brand new (cheap) tyres all round and drove spot on apart from tracking ever so slightly out. Can deliver for the cost of derv.
  7. As you can see I picked up another T5 Saloon as well for spares, another manual, seems to go like stink compared to the white one, despite white one just having had a new PCV system etc, Police car has done quarter million miles tho, so I forgive it, turbo is worn and smokes a little eh Will keep the engine from the red one (which is also pre ME7 and throttle cabled car) as a good spare.....and ECU etc, might be mapped I have no idea, it does go well tho.
  8. Right slight update here..... I had the chance of a different donor car, so took it, ex Police V70 manual, with no sunroof, in white, made perfect sense, and not ME7, cable throttle.........hence sold original Auto donor. So of course I will be ditching the AC, fit as big a rad as I can get in with electric fan etc, and hopefully bigger intercooler. Planning new 18t turbo, new rings, new valve stems, competition head gasket (if they exist ?), forged rods and ARP bolts......and a sponsor is porting the head for me. Oil cooler seems a sensible option, but re: pressure, can I upgrade the oil pump maybe ? thx for everything so far.
  9. So what am I looking at to be able to run 15min sessions then ?? with a modest starting 300bhp and hopefully 350bhp/375bhp end game. I would love to run the car in longer races at some point as well ?
  10. Had a quick google and found a few little bits on this, but guessing this is as good a place as any to get an answer. One of the T5 donor cars I have here needs a PCV system, not checked the second car yet........but at least one of them needs doing.. As the engine will be used for racing now is a great time to consider a bypass or delete, any guides or opinions on such a thing considering the usage of the engine ? Thanks.
  11. Yup, taking advice, I need to run at least 300bhp - 350bhp minimum to make it worth bothering with IMHO........hoping to speak with Tim today when he has a moment
  12. I here was me thinking 350bhp would be easy lol, after seeing 500+bhp in europe Tim Williams, we need to talk please, if you would be so kind to PM your number ?
  13. I am not one for thrashing at the red line for no reason, so being able to content myself short shifting a little and driving on the torque shouldn't be too hard to achieve, from all the other comments I can see I need to make a really big effort on the cooling side of things, I am considering looking to see if I can maybe squeeze a oil cooler into the inner wing......where there is a will there is a way I guess ? What is your opinion on using a near bone 2.4 instead of trying to tweak up this old 198k mile 2.3 Tim ?? Absolutely, I still have some proper ones left the same as I used in the bonnet of my BMW.......was worth 10c water temp to me alone. So what are the other options ? without spending 5k ? BC racing RA's on my BMW and they have been really good tbh ? for the money anyway ....... Yup, giving this some serious thought now already.......thx Now has anyone found me a gripper yet ?? hahaha
  14. Is a nice meaty oil cooler setup and bonnet vents not a good way to head with these cars then ? vents on my BMW alone took 10c away from the water temps ?
  15. I am building the Estate as a BTCC replica, so the estate it is, I am capping myself at 350bhp - 375bhp because I believe that is all the power I will need, I don't want a car which is just quick in a straight line, so just aiming to shred as much weight as possible and dial in the chassis to be as good as I can get it, I am a consistent lap time driver so hopefully I can just run good average lap times, I dont expect this car to be a championship winner against the well sorted and well driven BMW's, but it will be fun, and it should be capable to beat some of the well sorted badly driven BMW's if nothing else To get on track I only aiming for 300bhp to start....but to focus on chassis and brakes and diff first, Diff and Suspension being the absolute first things in fact.