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  1. thank you all for helping me.i have been warned about a certain place not to go.so greatfull and glad to hear from tim willaims as he helped with advice through my project. just waiting to see if i need injectors and fuel pump for tim to work his magic.
  2. i have been trying tim for months but no luck at all.i am at a dead end now.what are the BSR re maps like?
  3. i also had full engine re build all brand new
  4. hi there.my car is throttle with cable 1998 .i have large front mount intercooler,forged rods from kalmar union,18t turbo,custom downpipe and de cat ,ferrita full exhaust system,reversal intercooler pipes,large maf pipe and intake system .standard injectors and fuel pump.
  5. hi people i am finding it impossible to find anyone or company that will re map my 1998 s70r .there are options of sending my ecu to places but i would like some advice or help.surely is better to have the car re mapped and tested etc
  6. yes mate i totaly understand him been busy .realy hoped he could do it .i just have a boost gauge thanks any help is realy appreciated
  7. lol i am in west yorkshire.i need to change my profile.yes its manual with 18t.tim has helped with advice all the way,but i just cant get hold of him .ringing and texting him ,he may be busy so i dont want to keep pestering him lol.its taked ages to get to this stage and i am itching to get it re mapped .you guys know the feeling.thanks
  8. hi mate thanks for reply.it throttle cable.my mods are full engine rebuild with kalmar con rods,do88 front mount intercooler with revers pipes.full d088 intake system with large pipes,ferrita full exhaust system with track use only de cat custom made downpipe.was told i could get 320 330 bhp.thanks
  9. hi everyone i own a s70r 1998.i have done all the mods for stage 3 re map.my big problem is i dont know where to go for it done.i want it doing properly by someone and worried i will go to wrong person.could anyone help me with any advice.thanks