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  1. No just the standard filter, does anyone know weather the cheaper maf sensors are any good off eBay??
  2. Hi I am having trouble with my mass air flow sensor s60 2001 t5 this has been replaced for a new Bosch sensor after rough idle stalling engine light on etc it was fine for 200-300 miles then the problem came back cleaned the sensor replaced it drove great for 2 days now the problem is back anyone know what could be triggering this all the time?? thanks
  3. Hi the dim hasn't been changed only the dash it's the original one that worked perfect before taking out to fit the dash then when I re installed it everything works apart from the message screen? could it be somthink to do with the indicator stalk with the buttoms that works it? Thanks
  4. Hi i have recently replaced my dashboard 2001 s60 everythink is working as it should apart from the info message screen the screen is just black and the buttons on the info stalk don't work, before it was removed it worked fine any one got any idea what this could be?
  5. Thanks for your help Any idea if the centre console out the face lift will fit and the steering wheel?
  6. thanks So will the pre facelift radio climate control panel fit in the new dashboard or do I have to change them aswel?
  7. Will a dashboard out a 2005 s60 fit a 2001??