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  1. i hate the chrome grill on my V70 and would like to replace it with a black mesh grill but not sure what fits or even if anyone makes one , i've seen grills for a s60 which some people say will fit and others say not , anyone know where i can get one, my car is a 2004 V70 pre face lift.
  2. my 2004 v70 D5 has got the popping noise when you remove the oil cap ,tested the vacuum system and found the front engine mount was leaking this has now been replaced but the popping noise remains, strange thing is if i block the outlet from the the vacuum pump the popping noise remains the same, i've tested the vacuum pump with a gauge and it holds good vacuum and the brakes also work very well so i'm a bit puzzled as to why i still get the noise. this video is with a vacuum gauge straight from the pump outlet.
  3. i would like to drop my 2004 v70 D5 and was thinking of using eibach -30mm springs , just wondering if anyone on here has got them and what they are like, i don't wnat the car on the floor and hopefully manage speed bumps without any catching.
  4. OK cheers guys i've ordered some eibach springs and and i might also go for a uprated rear roll bar.
  5. i'm not to worried about have passengers or carrying loads ,i just want the car to have less body roll but don't want the hassle of catching on speed humps, i've looked at pictures of v70's with eibach springs fitted and they all seem to be different heights.
  6. racks can be picked up fairly cheap if you should around ,i just changed the rack on my P2 only paid £32 for the rack plus some fluid, i'm very wary of recon racks sometimes they are just painted up racks. i had a mx5 without power steering great when moving but a pain at low speeds , i wouldn't think it would be even possible to drive a Volvo without power steering.
  7. i have a strange noise on my PH2 V70 D5 i've have the aux belt off so it's not coming from the alt, aircon or belts, it seems to be from the top of the engine. it's only on idle and you cant hear it inside the car
  8. cheers, i will try and take a look at the mounts and vacuum pipes today.
  9. the noise is clear in the video , you have to listen for a few secs till you hear it , just after 10 secs you can here the note of the engine change it's almost like something is putting a load on the engine, ive tried with the aux belt removed and noise is the same, no hose leaks that i know of the intercooler is on it's last legs, top engine mount is new. i
  10. just bought a 2004 v70 d5 only had it a week all was fine until i did a oil service and it decided to blow all the oil out which i believe is the dread oil gallery plug behind the flywheel. i've been buying the parts to sort it out, full clutch kit inc flywheel, rear crank seal and oil core plug. got a couple of questions, what size are the flywheel bolts look like a triple square but cant find the size anywhere, also when replacing the core plug do i just knock it in or does it need some kind of loctite, thanks.